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Back To Jerusalem UK

Charity Number: 1196026
Entity's Status: Active
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To advance the christian religion around the world, in particularly but not exclusively, by: * enabling individuals who have experienced religious persecution to worship by the provision of christian materials, such as bibles and providing pastoral support to encourage christians in their faith, therefore, strengthening the local churches where they exist;* raising awareness in the uk about persecution of christians in nations without religious freedoms through sharing of online resources, distribution of literature, meetings or talks from victims of christian persecution;* providing humanitarian aid such as distribution of food / essential supplies or building schools in areas of poverty or impacted by natural disaster as a practical expression of christian faith.


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Back To Jerusalem UK Disambiguate1196026-0, (AN) active-100372818

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General Charitable Purposes
Religious Activities
The General Public/mankind
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