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Charity Number: 216250
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The objects of the charity are for the public benefit:1 to promote the care, safety and upbringing of children and young people by:-1.1 supporting and assisting those in need, their families and carers;1.2 promoting their health; and1.3 advancing their education.2 the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financialhardship or other disadvantage.


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The list below contains all names that Barnardo's did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 216250
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Barnardo's Disambiguate216250-0, (AN) active-100047934
Henry SYLLA BICKLEY (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training Of Boys) Disambiguate216250-1, (AN) removed-100009559
Beatrice Butterfield (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training Of Boys) Disambiguate216250-2, (AN) removed-100009560
Mr And Mrs J Crompton's Endowment (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training Of Boys) Disambiguate216250-3, (AN) removed-100009561
The Rutherford Treat Disambiguate216250-4, (AN) removed-100009562
Theodore Alphonse Poirotte Disambiguate216250-5, (AN) removed-100009563
Mary Wrightson Disambiguate216250-6, (AN) removed-100009564
Mustard Seed Fund Disambiguate216250-7, (AN) removed-100009565
The Godfrey Bird Trust Disambiguate216250-8, (AN) removed-100009566
Donzel Emigration Fund Disambiguate216250-9, (AN) removed-100009567
Charles Todd Disambiguate216250-10, (AN) removed-100009568
Dame Piersons Fund Disambiguate216250-11, (AN) active-100009569
Julie Thomas Disambiguate216250-12, (AN) removed-100009570
Eastern Counties Childrens Convalescent Home Fund Disambiguate216250-13, (AN) removed-100009571
H S BUCKLEY Bequest Disambiguate216250-14, (AN) removed-100009572
Alice Augusta ARNOTT Fund Disambiguate216250-15, (AN) removed-100009573
Dr S C Noble Disambiguate216250-16, (AN) removed-100009574
Elizabeth Buckland Laws Disambiguate216250-17, (AN) removed-100009575
Mrs Mann Creche Beds Endowment Fund Disambiguate216250-18, (AN) removed-100009576
Mrs Mann Convalescent Home Beds Endowment Fund Disambiguate216250-19, (AN) removed-100009577
Harold Martin Cliff Disambiguate216250-20, (AN) removed-100009578
Reverend Robert Henry Charles (The LILIAS Trust) Disambiguate216250-21, (AN) removed-100009579
George William Wilson Disambiguate216250-22, (AN) removed-100009580
Harts Bequest Disambiguate216250-23, (AN) removed-100009581
Thomas And Harriet Harding Trust Disambiguate216250-24, (AN) removed-100009582
The Swain Trust Disambiguate216250-25, (AN) removed-100009583
W B Shepherd And Ada Prickman Charity Disambiguate216250-26, (AN) removed-100009584
The Donald Macinnes Memorial Fund Disambiguate216250-27, (AN) removed-100009585
Goodfellow Educational Bequest Disambiguate216250-28, (AN) removed-100009586
Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training Of Boys Disambiguate216250-29, (AN) removed-100009587
Captain Mike Hatcher Trust Disambiguate216250-30, (AN) removed-100009588
Cambridge Cottage Home Fund Disambiguate216250-31, (AN) removed-100009589
Mrs Maria Adam (Nee Dennison) Memorial Bequest Disambiguate216250-33, (AN) removed-100009590
Anchorage Mission Disambiguate216250-34, (AN) removed-100009591
Margaretta MAYERS Foundation Disambiguate216250-35, (AN) removed-100009592
Caroline Martha ARNOTT Trust Fund Disambiguate216250-36, (AN) removed-100009593
Charles Alfred Blackburn Disambiguate216250-37, (AN) removed-100009594
Eliza Jane Saunders Disambiguate216250-38, (AN) removed-100009595
Ellen Emily De ZOETE Disambiguate216250-39, (AN) removed-100009596
Thomas Wall Fund Disambiguate216250-40, (AN) removed-100009597
BOYS' Refuge Disambiguate216250-41, (AN) removed-100009598
Sir Robert Glanfield Gift Disambiguate216250-42, (AN) removed-100009599
The Gordon Memorial Fund Disambiguate216250-43, (AN) removed-100009600
George Moore Fund Disambiguate216250-44, (AN) removed-100009601
C H Middleton Memorial Trust Disambiguate216250-45, (AN) removed-100009602
Mary Margaret Baroness Seaforth Of BRAHAN Disambiguate216250-46, (AN) removed-100009603
Reverend Thomas Turner Disambiguate216250-47, (AN) removed-100009604
Isaac Dewhirst Bequest Disambiguate216250-48, (AN) removed-100009605
Anne Du Bois Fund Disambiguate216250-49, (AN) removed-100009606
The Freeland Christmas Outing Disambiguate216250-50, (AN) removed-100009607
Mrs C P Landale's Bequest Disambiguate216250-51, (AN) removed-100009608
Miss Mcaulay's Grift Disambiguate216250-52, (AN) removed-100009609
Sir Merton And Lady Russell-Cotes Gift Disambiguate216250-53, (AN) removed-100009610
Mrs M I Simpson's Legacy Disambiguate216250-54, (AN) removed-100009611
Michael Hubert TETLEY Bequest Disambiguate216250-55, (AN) removed-100009612
Agnes Fanny Taylor Disambiguate216250-56, (AN) removed-100009613
Miss J Aitken's Gift Disambiguate216250-57, (AN) removed-100009614
Dr Essie Winifred Mewberry (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-58, (AN) removed-100009615
Mrs C E Norman (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-59, (AN) removed-100009616
Robert Cranston PEATTIE (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-60, (AN) removed-100009617
May PYMAN (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-61, (AN) removed-100009618
F J Ratcliffe Disambiguate216250-62, (AN) removed-100009619
Olivia Smith (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-63, (AN) removed-100009620
J M Stoddart (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-64, (AN) removed-100009621
Mrs O P Turner (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-65, (AN) removed-100009622
FENNICK S Watts (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-66, (AN) removed-100009623
Eldred W Wilson Founded 1914 (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-67, (AN) removed-100009624
Eldred W Wilson Founded 1917 (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-68, (AN) removed-100009625
A L Lilly (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-69, (AN) removed-100009626
C M Mills (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-70, (AN) removed-100009627
Helen Moore (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-71, (AN) removed-100009628
William Johnston Fund (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-72, (AN) removed-100009629
Aileen Congreve (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-73, (AN) removed-100009630
Mr And Mrs Francis Jacob (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-74, (AN) removed-100009631
Robert Cockerill HOWELLS (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-75, (AN) removed-100009632
George W Hayes (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-76, (AN) removed-100009633
Hilda Clare Heathcote (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-77, (AN) removed-100009634
Samuel GOLLIN (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-78, (AN) removed-100009635
Grace Helena GIMSON Alice Mary GIMSON (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-79, (AN) removed-100009636
Lucy Caroline Gee (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-80, (AN) removed-100009637
Constance Sarah Finch (Dr Barnardo's Charities For Sea Training For Boys) Disambiguate216250-81, (AN) removed-100009638
George Albert DRAKE'S Dr Barnardo's Charity Disambiguate216250-82, (AN) removed-100009639
The INNES Trust Fund Disambiguate216250-83, (AN) removed-100009640
The Barnardo's Village Charity Disambiguate216250-84, (AN) active-100009641
The Barnardo's Village Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-97353
Barnardo's Educational And Training Fund Disambiguate216250-85, (AN) active-100252260
The George NICHOL Charity For Barnardo's Disambiguate216250-86, (AN) active-100252560
The George NICHOL Charity For Barnardos Disambiguateas above, prev other-464178
Barnardo's Leaving Care Fund Disambiguate216250-87, (AN) active-100251479
Barnardo's Holiday And Adventure Fund Disambiguate216250-88, (AN) active-100251481
Barnardo's Opportunity Fund Disambiguate216250-89, (AN) active-100251483
Barnardo's Sea Training Fund Disambiguate216250-90, (AN) active-100251484
Barnardo's Endowed General Purpose Fund Disambiguate216250-91, (AN) active-100251485
Barnardo's Village Charity Disambiguate216250-92, (AN) removed-100251486
RIPON Home For Girls Disambiguate216250-93, (AN) active-100257790
Liverpool Children's Charity Disambiguate216250-94, (AN) active-100257789

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 216250
The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
Children/young People
Provides Services
Provides Advocacy/advice/information

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rightcause.org.uk General w/ I/E Chart
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