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Church Of England Children's Society

Charity Number: 221124
Entity's Status: Active
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The objects of the charity ('objects') for the public benefit are to care for and support children and young people in need, whether material, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or otherwise, including by:3.1 promoting their health, education, development and well-being;3.2 encouraging positive and supportive family and other environments for children andyoung people;3.3 providing assistance to them and their families and carers.


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The list below contains all names that Church Of England Children's Society did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 221124
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Church Of England Children's Society Disambiguate221124-0, (AN) active-100051788
The Children's Society Disambiguateas above, working name-223846
ASHDON All Saints House Fund Disambiguate221124-1, (AN) active-100011883
The Annie BAGSHAW Children's Fund Disambiguate221124-2, (AN) removed-100011884
Grace FARRAR Award Disambiguate221124-3, (AN) active-100011885
Home Of The Good Shepherd SWANSEA Disambiguate221124-4, (AN) active-100011886
Somerset Home Endowment Fund Disambiguate221124-5, (AN) removed-100011887
St Michael's House HOOR Cross Disambiguate221124-6, (AN) active-100011888
Friars House IPSWICH Disambiguate221124-7, (AN) removed-100011889
Ernest Bailey Residential Nursery MATLOCK Disambiguate221124-8, (AN) active-100011890
Stockwell Road Industrial Fund Disambiguate221124-9, (AN) active-100011891
Edith Mary Bulwer's Children's Home Fund Disambiguate221124-10, (AN) removed-100011892
The Constance BUNYON Endowment Fund Disambiguate221124-11, (AN) removed-100011893
The Frances POCHIN Hostel Disambiguate221124-12, (AN) active-100011894
Convalescent Home At Woodhouse Eaves Disambiguate221124-13, (AN) active-100011895
Alfred BURDER Fund Disambiguate221124-14, (AN) active-100011896
Convalescent Home At Hunger Hill Woodhouse Disambiguate221124-15, (AN) active-100011897
Archbishop And Mrs Tait Trust Disambiguate221124-16, (AN) removed-100011898
Greek Spetseropoulion Orphanage Disambiguate221124-17, (AN) removed-100011899
Royal Female Philanthropic Society Disambiguate221124-18, (AN) removed-100011900
St Barnabas Orphanage Fund Disambiguate221124-19, (AN) removed-100011901
ERSKINE Fund Disambiguate221124-20, (AN) removed-100011902
Arthur MAWSON Disambiguate221124-21, (AN) removed-100011903
Mary Groom Disambiguate221124-23, (AN) removed-100011904
Alice Kate Ponsford Disambiguate221124-24, (AN) removed-100011905
Mary Anne Smith Disambiguate221124-25, (AN) active-100011906
Thomas Griffiths Mansfield For Home For Lost And Starving Children Disambiguate221124-27, (AN) removed-100011907
The Edward NICHOLL Home Disambiguate221124-28, (AN) removed-100011908
The John Howard Mitchell Charity Disambiguate221124-29, (AN) removed-100011909
Pickering Garth Trust Fund Disambiguate221124-30, (AN) removed-100011910
St Edward's Fund Disambiguate221124-31, (AN) removed-100011911
St MARY'S Home Disambiguate221124-32, (AN) active-100011912
St Monica's Home Disambiguate221124-33, (AN) active-100011913
Langfords Ragged School Charity Disambiguate221124-34, (AN) removed-100011914
The Children's Society Fund Disambiguate221124-35, (AN) active-100276110

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