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Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

Charity Number: 1160024
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To further such charitable purposes relating to:a) the hospital services (including research) of great ormond street hospital; orb) any other part of the health service associated with great ormond street hospital as the trustees think fit,provided that such support is not of a kind that would ordinarily be given by the statutory authorities.


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The list below contains all names that Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 1160024
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity Disambiguate1160024-0, (AN) active-100340423
Gosh Disambiguateas above, working name-554706
Tourette's Support Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-1, (AN) active-100243060
Spina BIFIDA Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-2, (AN) active-100243061
Speech Therapy Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-3, (AN) active-100243062
Skin Laser Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-4, (AN) active-100243063
Skin Diseases Charity Disambiguate1160024-5, (AN) active-100243064
Robert Sayers Memorial Charity Disambiguate1160024-6, (AN) active-100243065
Paediatric Surgery Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-7, (AN) active-100243066
Surgery Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-8, (AN) active-100243067
Reach Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-9, (AN) active-100243068
Renal Patient & Staff Charity Disambiguate1160024-10, (AN) active-100243069
Renal Medical Equipment Charity Disambiguate1160024-11, (AN) active-100243070
Rheumatoid Arthritis Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-12, (AN) active-100243071
Radiology Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-13, (AN) active-100243072
Respiratory Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-14, (AN) active-100243073
PORTEX Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-15, (AN) active-100243074
Progenitors Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-16, (AN) active-100243075
Perfusion Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-17, (AN) active-100243076
Pharmacy Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-18, (AN) active-100243078
Physiotherapy Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-19, (AN) active-100243080
Playcentre Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-20, (AN) active-100243081
Psychologists Charity Disambiguate1160024-21, (AN) active-100243082
P.K.U. Charity Disambiguate1160024-22, (AN) active-100243084
PSY Med Family Studies Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-23, (AN) active-100243085
PSY Med General Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-24, (AN) active-100243087
PHYSIO And Orthopaedics Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-25, (AN) active-100243089
Out Patients Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-26, (AN) active-100243090
Opthalmic Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-27, (AN) active-100243091
Orthopaedic Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-28, (AN) active-100243094
Neuroradiology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-29, (AN) active-100243097
Neurosurgical Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-30, (AN) active-100243100
N.D.T. Charity Disambiguate1160024-31, (AN) active-100243102
Neurological Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-32, (AN) active-100243104
Neurophysiology And Epilepsy Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-33, (AN) active-100243105
Nephrology Research And Development Charity Disambiguate1160024-34, (AN) active-100243108
Neurodisabilities Charity Disambiguate1160024-35, (AN) active-100243109
N.V.H. Charity Disambiguate1160024-36, (AN) active-100243110
Nephrology Discretionary Charity Disambiguate1160024-37, (AN) active-100243112
Nicholas Head Memorial Charity Disambiguate1160024-38, (AN) active-100243113
Mr Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-39, (AN) active-100243115
Metabolic Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-40, (AN) active-100243116
MAISIE Sage Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-41, (AN) active-100243117
Meningitis Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-42, (AN) active-100243119
Microbiology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-43, (AN) active-100243121
MSD Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-44, (AN) active-100243123
Leukaemia Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-45, (AN) active-100243124
Stephen Langrith Memorial Charity Disambiguate1160024-46, (AN) active-100243126
Leukaemia Survivors Research Charity Disambiguate1160024-47, (AN) active-100243128
Kidney Charity Disambiguate1160024-48, (AN) active-100243129
Immunology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-49, (AN) active-100243131
5A Intensive Care Fund Disambiguate1160024-50, (AN) active-100243133
HOUF Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-51, (AN) active-100243134
Help A Child To Hear Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-52, (AN) active-100243137
Richard Hall Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-53, (AN) active-100243143
Hearts Tests Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-54, (AN) active-100243145
Hearts For Kids Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-55, (AN) active-100243146
Histopathology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-56, (AN) active-100243148
Hand Surgery Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-57, (AN) active-100243150
Haemophilia Charity Disambiguate1160024-58, (AN) active-100243151
HIV Education Charity Disambiguate1160024-59, (AN) active-100243153
General Surgery Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-60, (AN) active-100243155
Gastroenterology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-61, (AN) active-100243156
Growth And Development Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-62, (AN) active-100243079
Gut And Nutrition Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-63, (AN) active-100243083
Guide And Scout Trust Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-64, (AN) active-100243086
Gos School Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-65, (AN) active-100243092
Gamma Camera Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-66, (AN) active-100243093
Five A Shock Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-67, (AN) active-100243095
ECMO Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-68, (AN) active-100243098
Eating Disorders Fund Disambiguate1160024-69, (AN) active-100243101
European Data Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-70, (AN) active-100243103
Eczema Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-71, (AN) active-100243106
Enzyme Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-72, (AN) active-100243111
Academic Endocrine Charity Disambiguate1160024-73, (AN) active-100243114
Endocrine Charity Disambiguate1160024-74, (AN) active-100243118
ENT Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-75, (AN) active-100243120
Dietetic Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-76, (AN) active-100243122
Dental Refurbishment Fund Disambiguate1160024-77, (AN) active-100243125
D. I. Williams Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-78, (AN) active-100243127
David Waterson Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-79, (AN) active-100243130
Dermatology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-80, (AN) active-100243132
Dental Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-81, (AN) active-100243135
Clinical Biochemical Fund Disambiguate1160024-82, (AN) active-100243136
CARLTON Memorial Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-83, (AN) active-100243138
Cardiac Intensive Care Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-84, (AN) active-100243139
Creche Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-85, (AN) active-100243140
Cystic Fibrosis Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-86, (AN) active-100243141
Cf Database Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-87, (AN) active-100243142
CMN Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-88, (AN) active-100243144
Cardiosurgical Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-89, (AN) active-100243147
Clinical Genetics Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-90, (AN) active-100243149
Child Psychotherapist's Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-91, (AN) active-100243152
Cf Steroid Charity Disambiguate1160024-92, (AN) active-100243154
Craniofacial Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-93, (AN) active-100243157
Clarissa Norman Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-94, (AN) active-100243158
Blood And Marrow Transplant Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-95, (AN) active-100243159
M Brooks Legacy Charity Disambiguate1160024-96, (AN) active-100243160
Antenatal Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-97, (AN) active-100243161
Archivist Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-98, (AN) active-100243162
Audiology Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-99, (AN) active-100243163
Anaesthetic Library Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-100, (AN) active-100243164
Anaesthetic Department Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-101, (AN) active-100243165
Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Ward Funds Charity Disambiguate1160024-102, (AN) active-100243167
Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Patient Welfare Charity Disambiguate1160024-103, (AN) active-100243168
Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Staff Welfare Charity Disambiguate1160024-104, (AN) active-100243169
Clinical Cardiac Chair Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-105, (AN) active-100243170
Vascular Charity Disambiguate1160024-106, (AN) active-100243171
Vaccine Charity Disambiguate1160024-107, (AN) active-100243172
Ultrasound Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-108, (AN) active-100243173
Urology Fund Charity Disambiguate1160024-109, (AN) active-100243174
Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Staff And Patient Welfare Charity Disambiguate1160024-110, (AN) active-100243166
The Special Trustees For The Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children (Expendable) Common Investment Fund Disambiguate1160024-111, (AN) active-100250506
Great Ormond Street Trust For The Hospitals Sick Children Disambiguate1160024-112, (AN) active-100287452
The Friends Of The Children Of Great Ormond Street Disambiguate1160024-113, (AN) active-100118681
The Friends Of The Children Of Great Ormond Street (The Hospital For Sick Children, London) Disambiguate1160024-114, (AN) active-100041888
Charity Is Now Linked Charity With Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (Registered Number 235825 Link NUMER 113) Disambiguateas above, prev other-527964
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (1852) Disambiguate1160024-115, (AN) active-100063473
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity Disambiguateas above, working name-121457
The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-121474
The Special Trustees For Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Disambiguateas above, prev other-121485
The Special Trustees For Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-121522
The Special Trustees For The Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-121568

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 1160024
The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives
Children/young People
Makes Grants To Organisations
Provides Buildings/facilities/open Space
Sponsors Or Undertakes Research

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