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Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (Trust Property)

Charity Number: 246871
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To further the religious and other charitable work of the roman catholic church in the roman catholic diocese of portsmouth.


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The list below contains all names that Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (Trust Property) did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 246871
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (Trust Property) Disambiguate246871-0, (AN) active-100073443
Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan (Trust Property) Disambiguateas above, prev other-296767
Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (Trust Property) Disambiguateas above, prev other-296798
St MARY'S Mission Disambiguateas above, prev other-296814
The Portsmouth Diocesan Trust Disambiguateas above, working name-296842
Land Bound By Radleigh Road At Oxford Road, Abingdon Disambiguate246871-1, (AN) active-100276442
Land In Queens Road, Aldershot Disambiguate246871-2, (AN) active-100276444
Land At Queens Road, Aldershot (2) Disambiguate246871-3, (AN) active-100276445
Land Situated At Belle View Road, Aldershot Disambiguate246871-4, (AN) active-100276446
Land Near SWINLEY Road, South Ascot Disambiguate246871-5, (AN) active-100276447
Property On Sherborne Road And Oxford Road, Basingstoke Disambiguate246871-6, (AN) active-100276449
Plot 1 Of Two On Burgess Road, Basingstoke Disambiguate246871-7, (AN) active-100276450
Plot 2 Of Two On Burgess Road, Basingstoke Disambiguate246871-8, (AN) active-100276451
Pieces Of Land Situate In Stanley Road, Bracknell Disambiguate246871-9, (AN) active-100276452
Purewell In The Parish Of Christchurch, DORSET Disambiguate246871-10, (AN) active-100276453
CARVELL Lane In West COWES Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-11, (AN) active-100276485
Sun Hill West COWES Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-12, (AN) active-100276487
Further Dwelling Houses Situated On Sun Hill In West COWES Disambiguate246871-13, (AN) active-100276497
Strip Of Land On Isle Of Wight West COWES Disambiguate246871-14, (AN) active-100276502
Seymour House COWES Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-15, (AN) active-100276506
Land Situate In The Parish Of Wokingham Along Wokingham New Road Disambiguate246871-16, (AN) active-100276511
Plots On Pieces Of Land Situated On The West Side Of Manor Crescent Disambiguate246871-17, (AN) active-100276527
Land Situated On The West Side Of Connaught Road East COWES Disambiguate246871-18, (AN) active-100276531
Land At Rear Of No 3 High Street Eastleigh Land Situated In Eastleigh In The Parish Of Stoneham Disambiguate246871-19, (AN) active-100276541
Premises Known As PARKINS Land Leigh Road Eastleigh Hants Disambiguate246871-20, (AN) active-100276542
Land Portland Street FAREHAM No 43 Disambiguate246871-21, (AN) active-100276595
Church Of Sacred Heart And Land At Hartlands Road FAREHAM Disambiguate246871-22, (AN) active-100276596
On The Corner Of Connaught Road And Kings Road Fleet Hampshire Disambiguate246871-23, (AN) active-100276599
Land Situated In Parish Of Fordingbridge In Hampshire Disambiguate246871-24, (AN) active-100276602
No 66 North Street Gosport Disambiguate246871-25, (AN) active-100276604
No 32 High Street Gosport Hampshire Disambiguate246871-26, (AN) active-100276605
Lady Of The Sh Gosport High Street Disambiguate246871-27, (AN) active-100276606
Lady Of The Sh Gosport MUMBY Road Disambiguate246871-28, (AN) active-100276609
ANNS Hill Land FORTON Disambiguate246871-29, (AN) active-100276612
Situated At FORTON On The North Side Of Norman Road Disambiguate246871-30, (AN) active-100276614
Parcels Of Land On The East Side Of Manor Road HAYLING Island Disambiguate246871-31, (AN) active-100276621
Piece Of Land Situated On The East Side Of Manor Road HAYLING Island Disambiguate246871-32, (AN) active-100276623
Church Of Immaculate Conception Disambiguate246871-33, (AN) active-100276627
134 The High Street Lymington Disambiguate246871-34, (AN) active-100276630
East Of The Crookham Road Maidenhead Berkshire Disambiguate246871-35, (AN) active-100276631
3 Plots Of Land Along London Road NEWBURY Disambiguate246871-36, (AN) active-100276634
A 4TH Parcel Of Land Along London Road NEWBURY Disambiguate246871-37, (AN) active-100276636
Church And Presbytery On Empress Road Lyndurst Hampshire Disambiguate246871-38, (AN) active-100276638
The Chapel Chapel House And Stabling Between High Street And PYLE Street Newport Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-39, (AN) active-100276644
Land Situated In Castlehold In The Parish Of St Nicholas In The Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-40, (AN) active-100276646
Land Situated On Station Road Petersfield Disambiguate246871-41, (AN) active-100276652
Land On The Corner Of Edinburgh Road And Alfred Road Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-42, (AN) active-100276657
Land Having A Frontage On Both Alfred Road And Edinburgh Road Disambiguate246871-43, (AN) active-100276660
Land Adjoining Both Alfred Road And Edinburgh Road With A Frontage Along Unicorn Road Portsmouth Hampshire Disambiguate246871-44, (AN) active-100276663
Land On The West Side Of Gladys Avenue North End Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-45, (AN) active-100276665
Gordon Villa Gladys Avenue North End Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-46, (AN) active-100276669
St Colemans Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-47, (AN) active-100276671
St Joseph's Milton Road Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-48, (AN) active-100276674
No 2 Tangiers Road COPNOR Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-49, (AN) active-100276677
No 4 Tangiers Road COPNOR Portsmouth Disambiguate246871-50, (AN) active-100276682
Land Situated On The West Side Of Waverley Road Disambiguate246871-51, (AN) active-100276684
Land On The South Side Of Collingwood Road Southsea Disambiguate246871-52, (AN) active-100276686
Rc Chapel Presbytery And Schools Reading Disambiguate246871-53, (AN) active-100276701
Reading Land Forming Part Of The Fox Hill Estate Disambiguate246871-54, (AN) active-100276702
A Triangular Piece Of Land With An 8FT Frontage On Upper Redlands Road Disambiguate246871-55, (AN) active-100276703
Land Situated On The High Street South Of The White Swan RYDE Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-56, (AN) active-100276704
Tenaments Numbered 48 49 50 On The High Street RYDE Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-57, (AN) active-100276706
Land To The West Of The White Swan RYDE Isle Of Wight Plot 4 Disambiguate246871-58, (AN) active-100276709
Piece Of Land Situated On South Side Of Beachfield Road At SANDOWN Disambiguate246871-59, (AN) active-100276713
Land Situated On South Side Of Beechfield Road SANDOWN Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-60, (AN) active-100276716
All Those 4 Cottages With Gardens Adjoining And Belonging Situated In The Village Of Portswood Disambiguate246871-61, (AN) active-100276723
Parcel Of Land Situated In Portswood Road Southampton No 2 Disambiguate246871-62, (AN) active-100276724
Land On The Corner Of Milton Road And Hill Lane Southampton Disambiguate246871-63, (AN) active-100276726
St EDMUNDS The Avenue Southampton Disambiguate246871-64, (AN) active-100276737
Land On Corner Of Rockstone Place Southampton Disambiguate246871-65, (AN) active-100276751
St Joseph's Bugle Street Disambiguate246871-66, (AN) active-100276753
St Josephs Bugle Street No 3 Southampton Disambiguate246871-67, (AN) active-100276759
St Josephs Bugle Street No 6 Disambiguate246871-68, (AN) active-100276769
St Josephs Bugle Street No 5 Disambiguate246871-69, (AN) active-100276770
St Josephs Bugle Street No 7 Disambiguate246871-70, (AN) active-100276776
St Joseph's Bugle Street (Probably) No 1 Southampton Disambiguate246871-71, (AN) active-100276779
St Patrick's Portsmouth Road No 2 Woolston Southampton Disambiguate246871-72, (AN) active-100276810
Southampton Land On N E Side Of ITCHEN BUDEN Road Disambiguate246871-73, (AN) active-100276821
St Saviour WESTON Lane To Land By Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-74, (AN) active-100276823
Our Lady And St WILFRID Trinity Road No 1 VENTNOR Isle Of Wight Disambiguate246871-75, (AN) active-100276826
Cemetery St James Lane A Winchester Disambiguate246871-76, (AN) active-100276834
Site At Eastgate Street Durngate Winchester Disambiguate246871-77, (AN) active-100276838
10 Peter Street Winchester Disambiguate246871-78, (AN) active-100276841
9 Peter St Winchester Disambiguate246871-79, (AN) active-100276843
Land In Jewry St And Peter St Winchester 30 To 39 Jewry St The White House No 11 And No 9 Disambiguate246871-80, (AN) active-100276846
29 Jewry St Winchester Disambiguate246871-81, (AN) active-100276889
St Edwards Alma Road No 1 Windsor Disambiguate246871-82, (AN) active-100276894
Alma Road No 2 Windsor Disambiguate246871-83, (AN) active-100276899
Sacred Heart ATHERLY Road Shanklin Disambiguate246871-84, (AN) active-100277357
St Swithuns Waverley Road Southsea Disambiguate246871-85, (AN) active-100277360
Anthony Robert Barron's Bequest Disambiguate246871-86, (AN) active-100278220
Pangbourne Assistance Fund Disambiguate246871-87, (AN) active-100278221
Roman Catholic Diocese Of Portsmouth Housing Association LTD Disambiguate246871-88, (AN) active-100278234
St Francis' Development Fund - South Ascot Disambiguate246871-89, (AN) active-100278239
The Portsmouth Diocesan Educational Foundation Disambiguate246871-90, (AN) active-100278241
St Francis's Mission Sunninghill Disambiguate246871-91, (AN) active-100278242
Catherine Jane Stallard Bequest Disambiguate246871-92, (AN) active-100278244
The Father Bernard MEDD Memorial Fund Disambiguate246871-93, (AN) active-100278246
St Dominic's Priory Countess Of Clare Fund Disambiguate246871-94, (AN) active-100278247

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