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[Inactive] Professional Footballers Association Educational Fund

Charity Number: 306087
Entity's Status: Inactive
Data Check: Charity Commission
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There is no longer an entity operating under the charity number 306087. The organisation associated with it may have been assigned another charity number. Check for other entities with the same name, or visit the Charity Commission website (charity number: 306087) for full details.

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Historical Description

This charity had a purpose described as:

For the benefit of the public

1) to advance the education of beneficiaries and in particular their vocational training so as to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge enabling them to gain employment once their careers as professional footballers have ceased in order to maintain a reasonably modest standard of living for themselves and their dependants.

2) to promote good health amongst beneficiaries.

3) to advance the education of the public in such ways as the trustees think fit in the history, development and social impact upon english national life of football, including through the preservation and display of artefacts and memorabilia of educational and historic value.

4) to advance good community and race relations, particularly at football events, by endeavouring to eliminate discrimination on grounds of race, nationality, or ethnic or national origin and by encouraging equality of opportunity and diversity for the benefit of the public and to advance in partnership with...

Historical Names

The list below contains all names that Professional Footballers Association Educational Fund operated under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 306087
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Professional Footballers Association Educational Fund Disambiguate306087-0, (AN) removed-100128218

Charity Classification

This charity was given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 306087
General Charitable Purposes
Amateur Sport
Other Charities Or Voluntary Bodies
Other Defined Groups
Makes Grants To Individuals
Makes Grants To Organisations


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