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[Inactive] British Gas Energy Trust

Charity Number: 1106218
Entity's Status: Inactive
Data Check: Charity Commission
This is an information page for the above named charity. [source]


There is no longer an entity operating under the charity number 1106218. The organisation associated with it may have been assigned another charity number. Check for other entities with the same name, or visit the Charity Commission website (charity number: 1106218) for full details.

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Historical Description

This charity had a purpose described as:

3. The trustees shall hold the trust fund and its income upon trust to apply them for all purposes which are charitable under the laws of england and wales from time to time and in particular, but without limitation, to promote for the public benefit:3.1 the relief of poverty particularly among those who are unable to meet or pay charges for the supply of energy provided to premises used or occupied by them; and3.2 the prevention and relief of poverty by educating the public in relation to debt awareness and prevention..

Historical Names

The list below contains all names that British Gas Energy Trust operated under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 1106218
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
British Gas Energy Trust Disambiguate1106218-0, (AN) removed-100285443
Scottish Gas Energy Trust Disambiguateas above, working name-421052


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