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Royal Academy Of Music

Charity Number: 310007
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The cultivation of the science of music and to afford facilities for attaining perfection in it by assisting with general instruction all persons desirous of acquiring a knowledge thereof.


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The list below contains all names that Royal Academy Of Music did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 310007
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Royal Academy Of Music Disambiguate310007-0, (AN) active-100131325
R A M Disambiguateas above, working name-105808
Joseph MAAS Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-1, (AN) removed-100025013
Charles LUCAS Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-2, (AN) active-100025014
ROWSBY Woof Scholarship Disambiguate310007-3, (AN) removed-100025015
Mrs Edith Maud Miles Bequlest Disambiguate310007-4, (AN) active-100025016
Cuthbert Whitemore Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-5, (AN) removed-100025017
Hubert Kiver Prize Disambiguate310007-6, (AN) removed-100025018
W A Richards Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-7, (AN) removed-100025019
Alessandro PEZZE Prize Disambiguate310007-8, (AN) removed-100025020
William WALLACE Scholarship Disambiguate310007-9, (AN) active-100025021
ELSIE HORNE Gift Disambiguate310007-10, (AN) removed-100025022
PHOEE A S POULETT Scholarship Disambiguate310007-11, (AN) removed-100025023
Harry FARJEON Prize Fund Disambiguate310007-12, (AN) removed-100025024
Grabowsky-CONNELL Scholarship Disambiguate310007-13, (AN) removed-100025025
Pianoforte Professors Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-14, (AN) removed-100025026
Arthur HERVEY Scholarship Disambiguate310007-15, (AN) removed-100025027
Nora Naismith Scholarship Disambiguate310007-16, (AN) active-100025028
Maud HORNSBY Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-17, (AN) removed-100025029
Ethel Kennedy-JACOBS Fund Disambiguate310007-18, (AN) active-100025030
Thomas C FITTON Will Trust (HOVIS Prize) Disambiguate310007-19, (AN) removed-100025031
Eric COATES Prize For Composition Disambiguate310007-20, (AN) removed-100025032
EDA Kersey Memorial Exhibition Disambiguate310007-21, (AN) active-100025033
Potter Exhibition Disambiguate310007-22, (AN) active-100025034
Sterndale BENNETT Scholarship And The Sterndale BENNETT Prize Disambiguate310007-23, (AN) active-100025035
Edith Mary Lee Fund Disambiguate310007-24, (AN) removed-100025036
Thomas Threlfall Scholarship Disambiguate310007-25, (AN) active-100025037
Edward W Nicholls Prize Disambiguate310007-26, (AN) removed-100025038
Phillip AGNEW Fund Disambiguate310007-27, (AN) active-100025039
PAREPA Rosa Prize Disambiguate310007-28, (AN) removed-100025040
Opratorio Prize Disambiguate310007-29, (AN) removed-100025041
Willie B MANSON Fund Disambiguate310007-30, (AN) removed-100025042
Stewart Macpherson Prize Disambiguate310007-31, (AN) removed-100025043
Andrew Sykes Scholarship Disambiguate310007-32, (AN) removed-100025044
Frederick Andrew KEENE Prize Disambiguate310007-33, (AN) removed-100025045
John E West Prize Disambiguate310007-34, (AN) removed-100025046
The Lady Holland And THODORE Holland Fund Disambiguate310007-35, (AN) removed-100025047
Constance GOETZE Bequest Disambiguate310007-36, (AN) removed-100025048
William Robert Shaw Exhibition Disambiguate310007-37, (AN) active-100025049
Ernest Read Prize Disambiguate310007-38, (AN) removed-100025050
ELSIE Owen Prize Disambiguate310007-39, (AN) removed-100025051
Alan Murray Scholarship Disambiguate310007-40, (AN) removed-100025052
Philip AGNEW Trust Aid Fund Disambiguate310007-41, (AN) active-100025053
H E Lees Prize Disambiguate310007-42, (AN) removed-100025054
Emily Foxcroft Scholarship For English-Bord Contractus Disambiguate310007-43, (AN) active-100025055
Edward Hecht Prize Disambiguate310007-44, (AN) removed-100025056
Emmeline LYELL-Taylor Scholarship Disambiguate310007-45, (AN) active-100025057
NESTA Jennings Campbell Trust Disambiguate310007-46, (AN) active-100025058
William ELKING Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-47, (AN) removed-100025059
The King George Vi Coronation Scholarship For Orchestral Instruments Disambiguate310007-48, (AN) active-100025060
Ridley Prentice Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-49, (AN) removed-100025061
Lionel Monckton Scholarship Or Prize Disambiguate310007-50, (AN) active-100025062
Parker Bequest Disambiguate310007-51, (AN) active-100025063
J And J Brough Prize Disambiguate310007-52, (AN) removed-100025064
E F James Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-53, (AN) active-100025065
Agnes Zimmerman Gift Disambiguate310007-54, (AN) active-100025066
Alfred Gibson Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-55, (AN) removed-100025067
William Townsend Scholarship Disambiguate310007-56, (AN) active-100025068
David Carl Taylor Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-57, (AN) removed-100025069
Isabella LUCAS Prize Disambiguate310007-58, (AN) removed-100025070
Harriet Claiborne DIXON Trust Disambiguate310007-59, (AN) removed-100025071
Frank Walter And Winifred Blanche Faulkner Scholarship Disambiguate310007-60, (AN) active-100025072
Alexander Roller Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-61, (AN) removed-100025073
LESLEY Alexander Gift Disambiguate310007-62, (AN) removed-100025074
Nat And Olive Edwards Scholarship Fund Disambiguate310007-63, (AN) removed-100025075
Kate Steele Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-64, (AN) removed-100025076
Fanny Eliza Beckett Scholarship Disambiguate310007-65, (AN) active-100025077
Arthur HINTON Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-66, (AN) removed-100025078
North London Orchestral Society Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-67, (AN) removed-100025079
Sir Edward Cooper Prize Disambiguate310007-68, (AN) removed-100025080
Henderson Scholarships Disambiguate310007-69, (AN) active-100025081
Louisa Banerjei Prize Disambiguate310007-70, (AN) removed-100025082
Fred Walker Scholarship And Prize Disambiguate310007-71, (AN) active-100025083
Harriet KENDALL Prize Disambiguate310007-72, (AN) removed-100025084
BENNETT Of Lincoln Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-73, (AN) removed-100025085
TITIENS Fund (ERSKINE Bequest) Disambiguate310007-74, (AN) active-100025086
TUER Scholarship Disambiguate310007-75, (AN) active-100025087
Leonard BORWICK Prize Disambiguate310007-76, (AN) removed-100025088
GUILIA GRISI Prize Or Mario Exhibition Or Prize Disambiguate310007-77, (AN) removed-100025089
Lena Sophia Beatrice Pritchard GREENE Fund Disambiguate310007-78, (AN) removed-100025090
Charlotte WALTERS Prize Disambiguate310007-79, (AN) removed-100025091
Battison HAYNES Prize Disambiguate310007-80, (AN) removed-100025092
Goldberg Prize Disambiguate310007-81, (AN) removed-100025093
Students' Aid Fund Disambiguate310007-82, (AN) removed-100025094
Campbell Clarke Scholarship Disambiguate310007-83, (AN) active-100025095
Broughton Packer Bath Scholarships Disambiguate310007-84, (AN) active-100025096
Maud Mary GOOCH Scholarship Disambiguate310007-85, (AN) active-100025097
Frederick Westlake Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-86, (AN) removed-100025098
Julia LENEY Prize Disambiguate310007-87, (AN) removed-100025099
Gilbert Betjemann Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-88, (AN) removed-100025100
Walter Macfarren Medals Disambiguate310007-89, (AN) removed-100025101
OLDHAM Scholarship Disambiguate310007-90, (AN) active-100025102
Anne E Lloyd Exhibition Disambiguate310007-91, (AN) active-100025103
Lilian ELDEE Scholarship Disambiguate310007-92, (AN) active-100025104
Josephine TROUP Scholarship Disambiguate310007-93, (AN) active-100025105
Baume Manx Scholarship Disambiguate310007-94, (AN) active-100025106
John Thomas (Welsh) Scholarship Disambiguate310007-95, (AN) removed-100025107
Albanesi Prize Disambiguate310007-96, (AN) removed-100025108
Janet Duff Greet Prize Disambiguate310007-97, (AN) removed-100025109
F G Fitch Bequest Disambiguate310007-98, (AN) removed-100025110
Annie M Child Scholarship Disambiguate310007-99, (AN) active-100025111
Cecil Martin Prize Disambiguate310007-100, (AN) removed-100025112
Bache Memorial Endowment Fund Disambiguate310007-101, (AN) removed-100025113
Sisselle Wray Scholarship Fund Disambiguate310007-102, (AN) active-100025114
Henry R Eyers Prize Disambiguate310007-103, (AN) removed-100025115
Emma Levy Scholarship Disambiguate310007-104, (AN) active-100025116
MANNS Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-105, (AN) removed-100025117
Bach And Beethoven Scholarships Disambiguate310007-106, (AN) active-100025118
Mary Burgess Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-107, (AN) removed-100025119
Samuel And Mary Eyres Wilson Scholarship Disambiguate310007-108, (AN) removed-100025120
Edward Cuthbert NUNN Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-109, (AN) removed-100025121
D'OYLY Carte Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-110, (AN) active-100025122
Edward And Anne SEGUIN Scholarship Disambiguate310007-111, (AN) active-100025123
Matthew Phillimore Prize Disambiguate310007-112, (AN) removed-100025124
Gowland Harrison Bequest Disambiguate310007-113, (AN) active-100025125
Stoke Bequest Disambiguate310007-114, (AN) removed-100025126
Oliveria Louisa Prescott Gift Disambiguate310007-115, (AN) removed-100025127
Blackiston Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-116, (AN) removed-100025128
Isabel Joy Memorial Prize Disambiguate310007-117, (AN) active-100025129
RUTSON Prize Disambiguate310007-118, (AN) removed-100025130
Ada Lewis Scholarships Disambiguate310007-119, (AN) active-100025131
Ross Scholarships Disambiguate310007-120, (AN) active-100025132
Blumenthal Scholarship Disambiguate310007-121, (AN) active-100025133
Harvey LOHR Fund Disambiguate310007-122, (AN) removed-100025134
Alfred J WALEY Prize Disambiguate310007-123, (AN) removed-100025135
Henry Smart Scholarship Disambiguate310007-124, (AN) active-100025136
Minnie Hawk Bequest Disambiguate310007-125, (AN) removed-100025137
GWYNNE KIMPTON Memorial Scholarship Disambiguate310007-126, (AN) active-100025138
Lady WALLIS Budge Prize Disambiguate310007-127, (AN) removed-100025139
Frederick Corder Prize Disambiguate310007-128, (AN) removed-100025140
John B MCEWAN Prize For String Quartet Playing Disambiguate310007-129, (AN) removed-100025141
Eric Brough Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-130, (AN) removed-100025142
Katie Thomas Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-131, (AN) removed-100025143
Dove Scholarship And Dove Annual Prize Disambiguate310007-132, (AN) removed-100025144
Goring Thomas Scholarship Disambiguate310007-133, (AN) active-100025145
Lady Jenkinson's Thalberg Scholarship Disambiguate310007-134, (AN) active-100025146
George MENCE-Smith Scholarship Disambiguate310007-135, (AN) active-100025147
Macfarren Scholarship Disambiguate310007-136, (AN) active-100025148
Winifred Christie Scholarship Disambiguate310007-137, (AN) removed-100025149
SAINTON Scholarship Disambiguate310007-138, (AN) active-100025150
SWANSEA Eistedford Prize Disambiguate310007-139, (AN) removed-100025151
Wilton Cole Prize For Elocution Disambiguate310007-140, (AN) removed-100025152
Harold Samuel Bach Prize Disambiguate310007-141, (AN) removed-100025153
ROWSBY Woof Prize Disambiguate310007-142, (AN) removed-100025154
Review Week Prize Disambiguate310007-143, (AN) removed-100025155
Frederick G SHINN Prize For The History Of Music Disambiguate310007-144, (AN) removed-100025156
Hugh B Fitch Prize Disambiguate310007-145, (AN) removed-100025157
Ernest Joseph TEBBUTT Exhibition Disambiguate310007-146, (AN) removed-100025158
ROTH Prize Disambiguate310007-147, (AN) removed-100025159
Thomas Jennings Exhibition Disambiguate310007-148, (AN) removed-100025160
Lady M Bull Scholarship Disambiguate310007-149, (AN) removed-100025161
Lilian Ada FOOTE Bequest Disambiguate310007-150, (AN) active-100025162
Lilian Davies Prize Disambiguate310007-151, (AN) removed-100025163
Helen EAMES Scholarship Disambiguate310007-152, (AN) removed-100025164
Charles William Black Trust Student Fellowship Disambiguate310007-153, (AN) removed-100025165
Herbert WALENN Prize Disambiguate310007-154, (AN) removed-100025166
Juliet Emily RECKITT Fund Disambiguate310007-155, (AN) removed-100025167
Michael Costa Scholarship Disambiguate310007-156, (AN) active-100025168
Hine Prize Or Gift Disambiguate310007-157, (AN) removed-100025169
Westmorland Scholarship Disambiguate310007-158, (AN) active-100025170
Sir John Goss Exhibition Disambiguate310007-159, (AN) removed-100025171
PAREPA Rose Scholarship Disambiguate310007-160, (AN) active-100025172
Liszt Scholarship With Which Is Incorporated The Bache Scholarship Disambiguate310007-161, (AN) active-100025173
SAINTON DOLBY Memorial Fund Disambiguate310007-162, (AN) active-100025174
Moir Carnegie Prize For Violin And Violin Cello Disambiguate310007-163, (AN) removed-100025175
Rose Dafforne Bequest Disambiguate310007-164, (AN) active-100025176
Royal Academy Of Music Principal's Endowment Fund For Bursaries Disambiguate310007-165, (AN) active-100311735
Royal Academy Of Music Principal's Endowment Fund For Awards Disambiguate310007-166, (AN) active-100311736
Royal Academy Of Music Principal's Endowment Fund For Scholarships Disambiguate310007-167, (AN) active-100311737
Royal Academy Of Music Principal's Junior Endowment Fund Disambiguate310007-168, (AN) active-100311738

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 310007
Children/young People
The General Public/mankind
Provides Services
Provides Advocacy/advice/information

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