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Royal College Of Surgeons Of England

Charity Number: 212808
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The promotion and encouragement of the study and practice of the art and science of surgery.


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The list below contains all names that Royal College Of Surgeons Of England did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 212808
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Disambiguate212808-0, (AN) active-100045097
Anderson Reid Fund Disambiguate212808-1, (AN) removed-100007491
Army Medical War Collection Fund Disambiguate212808-2, (AN) removed-100007492
Bequest Of James William Groves Disambiguate212808-3, (AN) active-100007493
MACRAE-WEBB-Johnson Fund Disambiguate212808-4, (AN) active-100007494
John Gales Annuity Disambiguate212808-5, (AN) removed-100007495
James ARNOTT Bequest Disambiguate212808-6, (AN) removed-100007496
Lister Memorial Fund Disambiguate212808-7, (AN) removed-100007497
The Hunterian Oration Disambiguate212808-8, (AN) removed-100007498
Bradshaw Lecture Disambiguate212808-9, (AN) removed-100007499
Arris Bequest Disambiguate212808-10, (AN) removed-100007500
Berkeley George Andrew Baron Moynihan Disambiguate212808-11, (AN) removed-100007501
Dr Matthew Baillie Trust Disambiguate212808-12, (AN) removed-100007502
Erasmus Wilson Lecture Fund Disambiguate212808-13, (AN) removed-100007503
Buckston BROWNE Gift Disambiguate212808-14, (AN) removed-100007504
Bernhard Baron Research Professorship Disambiguate212808-15, (AN) removed-100007505
Nuffield Research Chair Of Dental Science Disambiguate212808-16, (AN) removed-100007506
The British Oxygen Chair Of Anaesthesia Disambiguate212808-17, (AN) removed-100007507
Walker Prize Disambiguate212808-18, (AN) removed-100007508
Cartwright Medal Disambiguate212808-19, (AN) removed-100007509
BEGLEY Prize Disambiguate212808-20, (AN) removed-100007510
Cecil Joll Prize Disambiguate212808-21, (AN) removed-100007511
James Berry Prize Disambiguate212808-22, (AN) removed-100007512
Handcock Prize Disambiguate212808-23, (AN) removed-100007513
Lady Cade Medal Disambiguate212808-24, (AN) removed-100007514
Macloghlin Scholarships Disambiguate212808-25, (AN) removed-100007515
John Tomes Prize Disambiguate212808-26, (AN) removed-100007516
HALLETT Prize Disambiguate212808-27, (AN) removed-100007517
BLANE Medals Disambiguate212808-28, (AN) removed-100007518
Tudor-Edwards Fellowship Disambiguate212808-29, (AN) removed-100007519
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Cancer Research Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-30, (AN) active-100007520
Sir Charles BLICKE Bequest Disambiguate212808-31, (AN) removed-100007521
Clement Price Thomas Award Disambiguate212808-32, (AN) removed-100007522
Victor BONNEY Trust Fund Disambiguate212808-33, (AN) removed-100007523
The PENROSE-May Tutorial Fund Disambiguate212808-34, (AN) removed-100007524
J MENZIES Campbell Lecture Fund Disambiguate212808-35, (AN) removed-100007525
Harold Bridges Fellowship For Surgical Research Disambiguate212808-36, (AN) removed-100007526
Frederic Francois Burghard Bequest Disambiguate212808-37, (AN) removed-100007527
Bessie Louisa Herbert Asthma Research Fund Disambiguate212808-38, (AN) removed-100007528
Kate Weeks Fund Disambiguate212808-39, (AN) removed-100007529
Sarah Jane Tracey Fund Disambiguate212808-40, (AN) removed-100007530
Dudley BUXTON Prize Disambiguate212808-41, (AN) removed-100007531
PROPHIT Trust Disambiguate212808-42, (AN) removed-100007532
Henry Cline Trust Disambiguate212808-43, (AN) removed-100007533
Laming Evans Fellowship Disambiguate212808-44, (AN) removed-100007534
Sir William Collins Fund (Pathology) Disambiguate212808-45, (AN) removed-100007535
Sir William Collins Fund (Anatomy) Disambiguate212808-46, (AN) removed-100007536
Sir William Collins Fund (Scientific Departments) Disambiguate212808-47, (AN) removed-100007537
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Biochemical Research Fund Disambiguate212808-48, (AN) active-100007538
Vandervell Chair Of Pharmacology Disambiguate212808-49, (AN) removed-100007539
Sir Arthur Sims Commonwealth Travelling Professorship Disambiguate212808-50, (AN) active-100007540
Joseph Henry Lecture Disambiguate212808-51, (AN) removed-100007541
Gordon Watson Lecture Disambiguate212808-52, (AN) removed-100007542
EDRIDGE-Green Lecture Disambiguate212808-53, (AN) removed-100007543
Evan Laming Evans Trust Disambiguate212808-54, (AN) removed-100007544
Research Chair In Opthalmology Disambiguate212808-55, (AN) removed-100007545
Sir William Lister Award In Opthalmology Disambiguate212808-56, (AN) removed-100007546
F R MOSER Trust Disambiguate212808-57, (AN) active-100007547
Faculty Of Anaesthetists Nuffield Fund Disambiguate212808-58, (AN) removed-100007548
Faculty Of Anaesthetists Foundation Fund Disambiguate212808-59, (AN) removed-100007549
The Royal College Of England Faculty Of Dental Surgery Commemoration Endowment Fund Disambiguate212808-60, (AN) active-100007550
Sir Arthur Sims Fund Disambiguate212808-61, (AN) removed-100007551
Mitchiner Medal Fund Disambiguate212808-62, (AN) removed-100007552
Gordon-Taylor Memorial Lecture Fund Disambiguate212808-63, (AN) removed-100007553
Bernard Johnson Memorial Fund (Faculty Of Anaesthetists) Disambiguate212808-64, (AN) removed-100007554
Robert Jones National Memorial Disambiguate212808-65, (AN) removed-100007555
Sir Charles Tomes Bequest Disambiguate212808-66, (AN) removed-100007556
Frederick HEWITT Lecture Fund Disambiguate212808-67, (AN) removed-100007557
Watson-Jones Lecture Disambiguate212808-68, (AN) removed-100007558
Jacksonian Prize Disambiguate212808-69, (AN) removed-100007559
Sir Henry Morris Studentship Disambiguate212808-70, (AN) removed-100007560
William Thelwallthomas Bequest Disambiguate212808-71, (AN) removed-100007561
Moynihan Memorial Fund Disambiguate212808-72, (AN) removed-100007562
Charles RYALL Bequest Disambiguate212808-73, (AN) removed-100007563
Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Common Investment Fund Disambiguate212808-74, (AN) active-100007564
Evelyn Sprawson Prize Disambiguate212808-75, (AN) removed-100007565
H S Morton Exchange Fellowship Fund Disambiguate212808-76, (AN) active-100007566
The Faculty Of General Dental Practitioners' Research Fund Disambiguate212808-77, (AN) active-100007567
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Research And Fellowship Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-78, (AN) active-100007568
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Research And Fellowship Non Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-79, (AN) active-100007569
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Education Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-80, (AN) active-100007570
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Education Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-81, (AN) active-100007571
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Library Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-82, (AN) active-100007572
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Library Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-83, (AN) active-100007573
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Prize Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-84, (AN) active-100007574
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Prize Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-85, (AN) active-100007575
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Scholarship Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-86, (AN) active-100007576
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Scholarship Non Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-87, (AN) active-100007577
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Research For Cancer Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-88, (AN) active-100007578
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Faculty Of Dental Surgery Commemoration Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-89, (AN) active-100007579
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Museum Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-90, (AN) active-100007580
The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Museum Non-Endowed Fund Disambiguate212808-91, (AN) active-100007581
The John Edward DARLOW Fellowship Fund Disambiguate212808-92, (AN) active-100007582
The Rank Chair Of Physics In Surgery Disambiguate212808-93, (AN) active-100007583
The Rishworth Fund For The Annals Disambiguate212808-94, (AN) active-100007584
The Dental Science Fund Disambiguate212808-95, (AN) removed-100007585
The George QVIST Fund Disambiguate212808-96, (AN) active-100007586
The George Quist Fund Disambiguateas above, prev other-67655
John KINROSS Emergency Fund Disambiguate212808-97, (AN) active-100248626
President's Finch Fund Disambiguate212808-98, (AN) active-100258754
The Dental Science Research Fund Of The Faculty Of Dental Surgery And Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Disambiguate212808-99, (AN) active-100305854

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