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Rugby School

Charity Number: 528752
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The provision of a broad liberal christian education at a boarding and day school at rugby ("rugby school") for children from rugby and neighbourhood and elsewhere, and by ancillary or incidental activities and other associated activities for the benefit of the community.


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The list below contains all names that Rugby School did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 528752
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
Rugby School Disambiguate528752-0, (AN) active-100165832
Benn Fund Disambiguate528752-1, (AN) removed-100030845
Derby Fund Disambiguate528752-2, (AN) removed-100030846
Gair Fund Disambiguate528752-3, (AN) removed-100030847
JUBBER Fund Disambiguate528752-4, (AN) removed-100030848
Lewis Fund Disambiguate528752-5, (AN) active-100030849
MYNORS Fund Disambiguate528752-6, (AN) removed-100030850
STOVIN Exhibition Disambiguate528752-7, (AN) removed-100030851
Tait Fund Disambiguate528752-8, (AN) removed-100030852
WALROND Fund Disambiguate528752-9, (AN) removed-100030853
Allen Fund Disambiguate528752-10, (AN) removed-100030854
CALROW Fund Disambiguate528752-11, (AN) removed-100030855
Hoyle Fund Disambiguate528752-12, (AN) removed-100030856
Hutchinson Fund Disambiguate528752-13, (AN) removed-100030857
Judge Fund Disambiguate528752-14, (AN) removed-100030858
Lawrence Bequest Disambiguate528752-15, (AN) removed-100030859
Littleboy Fund Disambiguate528752-16, (AN) removed-100030860
Mitchell Fund Disambiguate528752-17, (AN) removed-100030861
Old Hall Fund Disambiguate528752-18, (AN) removed-100030862
Percival Fund Disambiguate528752-19, (AN) removed-100030863
SELOUS Fund Disambiguate528752-20, (AN) removed-100030864
Sharp Fund Disambiguate528752-21, (AN) removed-100030865
Theobald Fund Disambiguate528752-22, (AN) removed-100030866
Wake Fund Disambiguate528752-23, (AN) removed-100030867
Wheatcroft Fund Disambiguate528752-24, (AN) removed-100030868
Williams Fund Disambiguate528752-25, (AN) removed-100030869
WYLEY Fund Disambiguate528752-26, (AN) removed-100030870
BAINES Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-27, (AN) removed-100030871
Barton Disambiguate528752-28, (AN) removed-100030872
Bible Prize Disambiguate528752-29, (AN) removed-100030873
BOWEN Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-30, (AN) removed-100030874
Bradley Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-31, (AN) removed-100030875
Brock Fund Disambiguate528752-32, (AN) removed-100030876
BUXTON Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-33, (AN) removed-100030877
Cordery Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-34, (AN) removed-100030878
Draper Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-35, (AN) removed-100030879
Dumergue Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-36, (AN) removed-100030880
Dyce Nicol Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-37, (AN) removed-100030881
Charles Evans Memorial Fund Disambiguate528752-38, (AN) removed-100030882
John MONRO Gibson Memorial Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-39, (AN) removed-100030883
Guedalla Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-40, (AN) removed-100030884
HODGSON Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-41, (AN) removed-100030885
Geoffrey Hughes Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-42, (AN) removed-100030886
Tom Hughes Disambiguate528752-43, (AN) removed-100030887
Hunter Medallion Fund Disambiguate528752-44, (AN) removed-100030888
James Prize Disambiguate528752-46, (AN) removed-100030889
JEX-Blake Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-47, (AN) removed-100030890
Lake Fund Disambiguate528752-48, (AN) removed-100030891
Mathematical Prize Disambiguate528752-49, (AN) removed-100030892
Mills-Baker Prize Disambiguate528752-50, (AN) removed-100030893
Paddison Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-51, (AN) removed-100030894
Payen-PAYNE Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-52, (AN) removed-100030895
Queen Victoria Memorial Fund Disambiguate528752-53, (AN) removed-100030896
Robinson Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-54, (AN) removed-100030897
Alexander Robert Ronald Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-55, (AN) removed-100030898
Tait Disambiguate528752-56, (AN) removed-100030899
F C O Twist Prize Disambiguate528752-57, (AN) removed-100030900
TYSOR Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-58, (AN) removed-100030901
Veequeray Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-60, (AN) removed-100030902
Peter Walker Trust Fund Disambiguate528752-61, (AN) removed-100030903
Wrigley Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-62, (AN) removed-100030904
Charles Francis Maister BAINES Exhibition Disambiguate528752-63, (AN) removed-100030905
JEX-Blake Exhibition Disambiguate528752-65, (AN) removed-100030906
Lees-KNOWLES Exhibition Disambiguate528752-66, (AN) removed-100030907
Robert MYNORS Disambiguate528752-67, (AN) removed-100030908
Frank And Norman Parry Memorial Fund Disambiguate528752-68, (AN) removed-100030909
Thomas Sproat Disambiguate528752-69, (AN) removed-100030910
STOVIN Foundation Disambiguate528752-70, (AN) removed-100030911
Waddington Exhibitions Disambiguate528752-71, (AN) removed-100030912
Scholarships Augmentation Disambiguate528752-72, (AN) removed-100030913
Exhibitions Augmentation Disambiguate528752-73, (AN) removed-100030914
School Chapel Disambiguate528752-74, (AN) removed-100030915
Memorial Chapel Fund Disambiguate528752-75, (AN) removed-100030916
BLOXAM Library Fund Disambiguate528752-77, (AN) removed-100030917
Memorial Sermon Disambiguate528752-78, (AN) removed-100030918
Burn Art Museum Fund Disambiguate528752-79, (AN) removed-100030919
Burn Library Fund Disambiguate528752-80, (AN) removed-100030920
HODGSON Library Fund Disambiguate528752-81, (AN) removed-100030921
Dewar Travelling Scholarships Disambiguate528752-82, (AN) active-100030922
Founders' Fund Disambiguate528752-84, (AN) removed-100030923
Peter Walker Trust Fund Disambiguate528752-86, (AN) removed-100030924
Peter Mayo Memorial Trust Disambiguate528752-90, (AN) removed-100030925
Ralph EVERS Fund Disambiguate528752-91, (AN) removed-100030926
VAUGHAN Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-93, (AN) removed-100030927
HURLO Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-95, (AN) removed-100030928
Rugby School Common Investment Fund Disambiguate528752-96, (AN) active-100259700
Rugby School Prize Fund Disambiguate528752-97, (AN) active-100311708
Rugby School Scholarship Fund Disambiguate528752-98, (AN) active-100311709
Rugby School Leaving Exhibition Fund Disambiguate528752-99, (AN) active-100311710
Rugby School Bursary Fund Disambiguate528752-100, (AN) active-100311711
Rugby School Collections Fund Disambiguate528752-101, (AN) active-100311712
Rugby School Chapel Fund Disambiguate528752-102, (AN) active-100311713
Rugby School Conybeare Fund Disambiguate528752-103, (AN) active-100311714

Charity Classification

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Classifications for Charity Number 528752
Children/young PeopleWarwickshire
Provides ServicesWarwickshire

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