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The Church Army

Charity Number: 226226
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To bring people to a personal faith in jesus christ by (a) providing trained evangelists and lay agents to assist the advancement of the christian religion, (b) preaching the need of conversion, holiness of life and church membership, (c) relieving poverty and distress


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The list below contains all names that The Church Army did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 226226
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Church Army Disambiguate226226-0, (AN) active-100055760
Church Army Disambiguateas above, working name-295829
Portman House Trust Disambiguateas above, working name-295848
The Marylebone Project Disambiguateas above, working name-295868
T W Armstrong Bequest Disambiguate226226-1, (AN) removed-100013706
Bed Endowments Fund Iii Disambiguate226226-2, (AN) removed-100013707
Mrs A M Howe Trust Disambiguate226226-3, (AN) removed-100013708
Miss J G Watson Trust Disambiguate226226-4, (AN) removed-100013709
Miss Evelyn Muriel BARNETT For The Church Army Disambiguate226226-5, (AN) removed-100013710
William R J Kenton Bed Endowment Fund Disambiguate226226-6, (AN) removed-100013711
Theresa Stansfield Kennedy Home Of Rest Fund Disambiguate226226-7, (AN) removed-100013712
Donald Bates Charity Disambiguate226226-8, (AN) removed-100013713
Donald Bates Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-155398
Bed Endowments Fund I Disambiguate226226-9, (AN) removed-100013714
R G Hall Trust Disambiguate226226-10, (AN) removed-100013715
Mrs G Holt Skinner Trust Disambiguate226226-11, (AN) removed-100013716
Mrs E M L O'HARA Bequest Disambiguate226226-12, (AN) removed-100013717
Catherine Sarah Jane Patteson Holiday Fund Disambiguate226226-13, (AN) active-100013718
The Constance Beerbohm Fund Disambiguate226226-14, (AN) removed-100013719
Roger Lyon Jones Trust Fund Disambiguate226226-15, (AN) removed-100013720
Lord Charles F Brudenell-Bruce Bequest Disambiguate226226-16, (AN) removed-100013721
Miss Mary Ellen HEARN Disambiguate226226-17, (AN) active-100013722
Charles F Openshaw Trust Disambiguate226226-18, (AN) removed-100013723
Courtmoor Home Of Rest, Crookham Disambiguate226226-19, (AN) removed-100013724
The Edward And LILLIAN Emily BUDGEN (Of EGHAM) Trust Disambiguate226226-20, (AN) removed-100013725
Cecilia Grace Cannon Fund For Disabled Soldiers Disambiguate226226-21, (AN) removed-100013726
Alfred Thomas Smith Bequest Disambiguate226226-23, (AN) removed-100013727
Night Shelters (Giles HAWORTH In Memory Of His Sisters Ellen, Dinah And Elizabeth HAWORTH) Disambiguate226226-24, (AN) removed-100013728
Miss Ethel Julian Gale Bequest Disambiguate226226-25, (AN) removed-100013729
Miss Ann Newton Bequest Disambiguate226226-26, (AN) removed-100013730
Charles John BYRNE Bequest Disambiguate226226-27, (AN) removed-100013731
Florence Lucy Beckett Bequest Disambiguate226226-28, (AN) removed-100013732
Mrs Moyle-Stewart Trust Disambiguate226226-29, (AN) removed-100013733
Mrs Hamilton Cobb Trust Disambiguate226226-30, (AN) removed-100013734
Miss Carr Endowment Disambiguate226226-31, (AN) removed-100013735
Eleanor Godfrey Crittall Disambiguate226226-32, (AN) removed-100013736
Miss Evelyn Muriel BARNETT For The Church Army Disambiguate226226-33, (AN) removed-100013737
J F Howes Bequest Disambiguate226226-38, (AN) removed-100013738
H J WILKINS Trust Disambiguate226226-39, (AN) removed-100013739
John Crosse's Almshouse Charity Disambiguate226226-41, (AN) removed-100013740
Captain A J Gray Trust Disambiguate226226-42, (AN) removed-100013741
Miss A G JEWELL Bequest Disambiguate226226-43, (AN) removed-100013742
Mr And Mrs A W Vivian-Neal Trust Disambiguate226226-44, (AN) removed-100013743
Miss M K D S Lockhart Trust Disambiguate226226-45, (AN) removed-100013744
E I M Duncombe Endowment Disambiguate226226-46, (AN) removed-100013745
Miss Edith Dunning Endowment Disambiguate226226-47, (AN) removed-100013746
Constance E White Trust Disambiguate226226-48, (AN) removed-100013747
Proceeds Of Sale Of The Church Army Hostel, Plymouth Disambiguate226226-49, (AN) removed-100013748
John Dyer Bequest Disambiguate226226-50, (AN) removed-100013749
Miss Florence Stranger Trust Disambiguate226226-51, (AN) removed-100013750
Miss L I Legge Bequest Disambiguate226226-52, (AN) removed-100013751
Edgar FIGGESS Bequest Disambiguate226226-53, (AN) removed-100013752
Reverend John Parry Morgan Bequest Disambiguate226226-54, (AN) removed-100013753
Bed Endowments Fund Ii Disambiguate226226-55, (AN) removed-100013754
Miss J E Lavers-Smith Trust Disambiguate226226-58, (AN) removed-100013755
Miss E Schofield Jackson Bequest Disambiguate226226-59, (AN) removed-100013756
Miss L A Harris Trust Disambiguate226226-60, (AN) removed-100013757
James Llewellyn Sheffield Bequest Disambiguate226226-61, (AN) removed-100013758
St Michael's Home For Motherless Girls Disambiguate226226-62, (AN) removed-100013759
Herbert Tobias Scharrer Disambiguate226226-63, (AN) removed-100013760
Elizabeth Jane HARTLEY Disambiguate226226-64, (AN) removed-100013761
Agnes TENNANT Bequest Disambiguate226226-65, (AN) removed-100013762
Aimee Constance Anne LOWTHER Disambiguate226226-66, (AN) removed-100013763
Portman House Disambiguate226226-67, (AN) active-100013764
Major H W Rowden's Gift Disambiguate226226-68, (AN) removed-100013765
George William NORTON Bequest Disambiguate226226-70, (AN) removed-100013766
Bequest Of John Doctor Young Disambiguate226226-71, (AN) removed-100013767
Lady Sitwell's Charity Disambiguate226226-72, (AN) removed-100013768
Georgiana Frances PACKE Fund Disambiguate226226-73, (AN) removed-100013769
Miss Gertrude Stephenson For The Church Army Disambiguate226226-74, (AN) removed-100013770

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 226226
The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
Religious Activities
Children/young People
Elderly/old People
Other Defined Groups
Provides Human Resources
Provides Services

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