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The Royal Academy Of Arts

Charity Number: 1125383
Entity's Status: Active
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This charity has a purpose described as:

1. The promotion of the arts of design.2. The education of the public in the creation, enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the arts, through exhibitions, educational programmes and debate by all charitable means as the members of council may think fit.


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The list below contains all names that The Royal Academy Of Arts did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 1125383
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Royal Academy Of Arts Disambiguate1125383-0, (AN) active-100304971
Royal Academy Of Arts Disambiguate1125383-1, (AN) active-100045090
Richard Jack Prizes Disambiguate1125383-2, (AN) removed-100007435
Vincent Harris Prize For Mural Painting Disambiguate1125383-3, (AN) removed-100007436
Sydney Lee Fund Disambiguate1125383-4, (AN) removed-100007437
Aitchison Fund Disambiguate1125383-5, (AN) removed-100007438
Victoria Levin Fund Disambiguate1125383-6, (AN) removed-100007439
Bowler Fund Or Bowler Pension Disambiguate1125383-7, (AN) removed-100007440
Creswick Fund Disambiguate1125383-8, (AN) removed-100007441
Armitage Fund Disambiguate1125383-9, (AN) removed-100007442
Benefactors Fund Disambiguate1125383-10, (AN) removed-100007443
Cousins Fund Disambiguate1125383-11, (AN) removed-100007444
William HILTON Fund Disambiguate1125383-12, (AN) removed-100007445
Alma TADEMA Scholarship Disambiguate1125383-13, (AN) removed-100007446
Herbert Baker Bequest Disambiguate1125383-14, (AN) removed-100007447
Edward William COOKE Bequest Disambiguate1125383-15, (AN) removed-100007448
Margaret Louise Band Fund Disambiguate1125383-16, (AN) removed-100007449
HAITE Fund Disambiguate1125383-17, (AN) removed-100007450
Miss S I V COOKE Award Disambiguate1125383-18, (AN) removed-100007451
Duff Greet Fund Disambiguate1125383-19, (AN) removed-100007452
SANDBY Fund Disambiguate1125383-20, (AN) removed-100007453
Catherine Adeline SPARKES Fund Disambiguate1125383-21, (AN) removed-100007454
Harrison-Weir Fund Disambiguate1125383-22, (AN) removed-100007455
Fred ELWELL Fund Disambiguate1125383-23, (AN) removed-100007456
A F Grace Fund Disambiguate1125383-24, (AN) active-100007457
Richard Ford Award Fund Disambiguate1125383-25, (AN) active-100007458
Hugh De Twenebrokes Glazebrook Fund Disambiguate1125383-26, (AN) removed-100007459
David Murray Studentship Fund Disambiguate1125383-27, (AN) removed-100007460
Leverhulme Scholarship Fund Disambiguate1125383-28, (AN) active-100007461
Arthur Hacker Fund Disambiguate1125383-29, (AN) removed-100007462
E V Harris's Gift Disambiguate1125383-30, (AN) active-100007463
Eric Kennington Fund Disambiguate1125383-31, (AN) removed-100007464
John Crompton Fund Disambiguate1125383-32, (AN) removed-100007465
Leighton Fund Disambiguate1125383-33, (AN) removed-100007466
Miss Dorothy M Morgan Fund Disambiguate1125383-34, (AN) removed-100007467
Mrs Aileen O'donnell PEET Prize Disambiguate1125383-35, (AN) removed-100007468
Henrietta May POYNTER Bequest Disambiguate1125383-36, (AN) removed-100007469
Redgrave Fund Disambiguate1125383-37, (AN) removed-100007470
Norman Shaw Fund Disambiguate1125383-38, (AN) removed-100007471
G A Storey Fund Disambiguate1125383-39, (AN) active-100007472
Charles Wollaston Award Fund Disambiguate1125383-40, (AN) active-100007473
Goldhill Award Disambiguate1125383-41, (AN) active-100007474
George Frampton Fund For The Encouragement Of The Highest Form Of The Art Of Sculpture Disambiguate1125383-42, (AN) active-100007475
Royal Academy Trust Disambiguate1125383-43, (AN) active-100007476
Sir Frank And Lady Short Fund Disambiguate1125383-44, (AN) removed-100007477
S J SOLOMAN Fund Disambiguate1125383-45, (AN) active-100007478
Edward Stott Fund Disambiguate1125383-46, (AN) removed-100007479
Vandeleur Scholarships For Students Disambiguate1125383-47, (AN) active-100007480
William Joseph Edwards Disambiguate1125383-48, (AN) active-100007481
Annie HUGILL Bequest Disambiguate1125383-49, (AN) active-100007482
Newton's Bequest Disambiguate1125383-50, (AN) removed-100007483
Landseer Scholarships Disambiguate1125383-51, (AN) removed-100007484
BIZO Fund Disambiguate1125383-52, (AN) removed-100007485
COOKE Fund Disambiguate1125383-53, (AN) active-100007486
J H Lorimer Fund Disambiguate1125383-54, (AN) removed-100007487
Turner Fund Disambiguate1125383-55, (AN) removed-100007488
Exchange Of Students Fund Disambiguate1125383-56, (AN) active-100007489
BIRD'S Charity Disambiguate1125383-57, (AN) removed-100007432
Edward Austin Abbey Memorial Trust Fund For Mural Paintings In Great BRITIAN Disambiguate1125383-58, (AN) removed-100007433
Abbey Memorial Management Funds Disambiguate1125383-59, (AN) active-100007434

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 1125383
The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
The General Public/mankind
Makes Grants To Individuals
Provides Buildings/facilities/open Space

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