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The Royal College Of Music

Charity Number: 309268
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

The advancement of the art of music be means of a central teaching and examining body, the promotion and supervision of musical instruction conducive to the cultivation and dissemination of the art of music in the united kingdom, the general encouragement and promotion of the cultivation of music as an art throughout the british dominions.


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The list below contains all names that The Royal College Of Music did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 309268
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Royal College Of Music Disambiguate309268-0, (AN) active-100130593
Fred Brough Prize For Orchestral Leaders Disambiguate309268-1, (AN) removed-100024622
R G Cromwell Scholarship Disambiguate309268-2, (AN) active-100024623
Charles Duncan Scholarship Disambiguate309268-3, (AN) removed-100024624
Cornelius Fisher Piano Prize Disambiguate309268-4, (AN) removed-100024625
Eric Harrison Piano Prize Disambiguate309268-5, (AN) removed-100024626
Margaret Pagan JARDINE Prize Disambiguate309268-6, (AN) removed-100024627
Carrie Levers Organ Scholarship Disambiguate309268-7, (AN) removed-100024628
Sylvia NELIS Prize For Female Singers Disambiguate309268-8, (AN) removed-100024629
Agnes Punch Fund Disambiguate309268-9, (AN) removed-100024630
Barbara Samuel Prize For Singers Disambiguate309268-10, (AN) removed-100024631
The Sydney And Peggy SHIMMIN Piano Prizes Disambiguate309268-11, (AN) removed-100024632
Muriel Smith Fund Disambiguate309268-12, (AN) active-100024633
The Blue Bird Scholarship Disambiguate309268-13, (AN) removed-100024634
The Owen BRYN-GWYN Scholarship Disambiguate309268-14, (AN) active-100024635
The Norah Cox Scholarship Disambiguate309268-15, (AN) active-100024636
The REDVERS Llewellyn Prize Disambiguate309268-16, (AN) removed-100024637
ELSIE Ratcliffe Scholarship Disambiguate309268-17, (AN) removed-100024638
ELSIE Ratcliffe Fund Disambiguate309268-18, (AN) removed-100024639
Cyril Smith Prize Disambiguate309268-19, (AN) removed-100024640
Carrie TUBB Prize Disambiguate309268-20, (AN) removed-100024641
Bernard WALTON Prize Disambiguate309268-21, (AN) removed-100024642
Jack Morrison Prize Disambiguate309268-22, (AN) removed-100024643
Helen Just Prize Disambiguate309268-23, (AN) removed-100024644
The Allen John Warren Prize Disambiguate309268-24, (AN) removed-100024645
The Frank PROBYN Prize Disambiguate309268-25, (AN) removed-100024646
James Friskin Scholarship Disambiguate309268-26, (AN) removed-100024647
The Ruby Hope Scholarship (In Memory Of George Reeves) Disambiguate309268-27, (AN) removed-100024648
Agnes Punch Fund Disambiguate309268-28, (AN) removed-100024649
Frederick Thurston Clarinet Prize Disambiguate309268-29, (AN) removed-100024650
Gordon Turner Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-30, (AN) active-100024651
KAYE Wheeler Accompaniment Prize Disambiguate309268-31, (AN) removed-100024652
Douglas Whittaker Memorial Prize For Woodwind Ensemble Fund Disambiguate309268-32, (AN) removed-100024653
The Jenny Marsh Chapman Memorial Fund Disambiguate309268-33, (AN) active-100024654
Margaret Sambrook Singing Scholarship Disambiguate309268-34, (AN) removed-100024655
In Memoriam Signor FOLI Scholarship Disambiguate309268-35, (AN) removed-100024656
Octavia Scholarship Disambiguate309268-36, (AN) removed-100024657
WALEY Scholarship Disambiguate309268-37, (AN) removed-100024658
Henry Blower Memorial Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-38, (AN) active-100024659
Henry Blower Memorial Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-39, (AN) active-100024660
ASHTON JONSON Exhibition Disambiguate309268-40, (AN) active-100024661
Clara Butt Fund Disambiguate309268-41, (AN) removed-100024662
Elliot GALER Scholarship Disambiguate309268-42, (AN) removed-100024663
Montague HODSALL Crees Bequest Disambiguate309268-43, (AN) removed-100024664
Reverend Francis GWYNNE Wesley Scholarship Disambiguate309268-44, (AN) removed-100024665
Beckwith Scholarship Disambiguate309268-45, (AN) active-100024666
Ernest Palmer Fund For Opera Study Disambiguate309268-46, (AN) active-100024667
Royal College Of Music Patrons Fund Disambiguate309268-47, (AN) active-100024668
John Astor Fund Disambiguate309268-48, (AN) active-100024669
Frank Courtemay Scholarship Disambiguate309268-49, (AN) removed-100024670
Erasmus Wilson Scholarship Disambiguate309268-50, (AN) removed-100024671
MORLEY Scholarship Disambiguate309268-51, (AN) removed-100024672
Elizabeth Pringle Memorial Scholarship Disambiguate309268-52, (AN) removed-100024673
South Province (Victoria) Scholarship Award Disambiguate309268-53, (AN) removed-100024674
South Australian Scholarship Award Disambiguate309268-54, (AN) active-100024675
Montreal Scholarship Disambiguate309268-55, (AN) removed-100024676
Liverpool Scholarship Disambiguate309268-56, (AN) removed-100024677
HEYWOOD-Lonsdale Scholarship Disambiguate309268-57, (AN) active-100024678
Portsmouth Scholarship Disambiguate309268-58, (AN) removed-100024679
Norfolk And NORWICH Scholarship Disambiguate309268-59, (AN) removed-100024680
Kent Scholarship Disambiguate309268-60, (AN) removed-100024681
Royal Amateur Orchestral Society Scholarship Disambiguate309268-61, (AN) removed-100024682
Bristol Scholarship Disambiguate309268-62, (AN) removed-100024683
Devon And South Wilts Scholarship Disambiguate309268-63, (AN) removed-100024684
Lord Charles Bruce Scholarship Disambiguate309268-64, (AN) removed-100024685
Berkshire Scholarship Disambiguate309268-65, (AN) removed-100024686
Laura Clark Scholarship Disambiguate309268-66, (AN) removed-100024687
George Kiallmark Scholarship Disambiguate309268-67, (AN) removed-100024688
Katherine Florence Boult Scholarship Disambiguate309268-68, (AN) removed-100024689
Julian Clifford Scholarship Disambiguate309268-69, (AN) removed-100024690
Carlotta And Marianne ROWE Scholarship Disambiguate309268-70, (AN) removed-100024691
Michael MCKENNA Memorial Scholarships Disambiguate309268-71, (AN) removed-100024692
Mathilda VERNE Pianoforte Scholarship Disambiguate309268-72, (AN) removed-100024693
Arthur Sullivan Scholarship Disambiguate309268-73, (AN) removed-100024694
B G Gilbert Cooper Scholarship Disambiguate309268-74, (AN) removed-100024695
Macfarlane Scholarship Disambiguate309268-75, (AN) removed-100024696
Henry Bird Memorial Scholarship Disambiguate309268-76, (AN) removed-100024697
Hubert Parry Scholarship Disambiguate309268-77, (AN) removed-100024698
Agatha Batty Scholarship Disambiguate309268-78, (AN) active-100024699
Kathleen Dolman Scholarship Disambiguate309268-79, (AN) removed-100024700
Gayer Scholarship Disambiguate309268-80, (AN) removed-100024701
Cumberland Scholarship Disambiguate309268-81, (AN) removed-100024702
Coulthurst Scholarship Disambiguate309268-82, (AN) active-100024703
Savage Club Exhibition Disambiguate309268-83, (AN) removed-100024704
Charlotte Holmes Exhibition Disambiguate309268-84, (AN) removed-100024705
London Musical Society's Prize Disambiguate309268-85, (AN) removed-100024706
TAGORE Medal Disambiguate309268-86, (AN) removed-100024707
Henry Leslie Herefordshire Philharmonic Prize Disambiguate309268-87, (AN) removed-100024708
Paver Exhibition Disambiguate309268-88, (AN) active-100024709
Arthur Sullivan Prize Disambiguate309268-89, (AN) removed-100024710
Clementi Exhibition Disambiguate309268-90, (AN) removed-100024711
John Hopkinson Medals Disambiguate309268-91, (AN) removed-100024712
Dannreuther Prize Disambiguate309268-92, (AN) removed-100024713
Ernest FARRAR Prize For Composition Disambiguate309268-93, (AN) removed-100024714
Ellen Shaw Williams Pianoforte Prize Disambiguate309268-94, (AN) removed-100024715
Kenneth Bruce Stuart Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-95, (AN) removed-100024716
Wodehouse Bequest Disambiguate309268-96, (AN) removed-100024717
Frank POWNALL POWNALL Prize Disambiguate309268-97, (AN) removed-100024718
Chilver Wilson Prize Disambiguate309268-98, (AN) removed-100024719
Esther Gregg Exhibition Disambiguate309268-99, (AN) removed-100024720
Herbert SHARPE Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-100, (AN) removed-100024721
William WILKINS HEWITT Bequest Disambiguate309268-101, (AN) removed-100024722
PARRATT Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-102, (AN) removed-100024723
Ffennell Prizes For Young Teachers Disambiguate309268-103, (AN) removed-100024724
COBBETT Prizes Disambiguate309268-104, (AN) removed-100024725
HAIGH Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-105, (AN) removed-100024726
Louisa Dent Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-106, (AN) removed-100024727
Jane HARIOT THOMSON Musical Scholarship Disambiguate309268-107, (AN) removed-100024728
Theodore STIER Legacy Disambiguate309268-108, (AN) removed-100024729
TIVADAR NACHEZ Prize Disambiguate309268-109, (AN) removed-100024730
Emma ALBANI Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-110, (AN) removed-100024731
Arthur NORMAND Prize Disambiguate309268-111, (AN) removed-100024732
Hurlstone Prize Disambiguate309268-112, (AN) removed-100024733
Annie Elizabeth Read Gift Disambiguate309268-113, (AN) active-100024734
Marmaduke Barton Prize For Pianoforte Playing Disambiguate309268-114, (AN) removed-100024735
Wilfred Frampton Memorial Exhibition Disambiguate309268-115, (AN) removed-100024736
LYELL-Taylor Scholarship Disambiguate309268-116, (AN) removed-100024737
Lewis Prize Disambiguate309268-117, (AN) removed-100024738
Edward Hecht Prize Disambiguate309268-118, (AN) removed-100024739
Stanley Blagrove Prize Disambiguate309268-119, (AN) removed-100024740
Oliver Dawson Prize Disambiguate309268-120, (AN) removed-100024741
W H Reed Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-121, (AN) removed-100024742
COLLES Essay Prize Disambiguate309268-122, (AN) removed-100024743
Dorothy Silk Prize Disambiguate309268-123, (AN) removed-100024744
Eve KISCH Prize Disambiguate309268-124, (AN) removed-100024745
BLES Exhibition Disambiguate309268-125, (AN) removed-100024746
Beatrice Montgomerie Prize Disambiguate309268-126, (AN) removed-100024747
Dan Price Prize Disambiguate309268-127, (AN) removed-100024748
Geoffrey Tankard Harpsichord Prize Disambiguate309268-128, (AN) removed-100024749
Peter Morrison Prize Disambiguate309268-129, (AN) removed-100024750
Anne Beatrice Cartland Exhibition Disambiguate309268-130, (AN) removed-100024751
Arthur Somerville Prize Disambiguate309268-131, (AN) removed-100024752
Ellen Marie Curtis Prize Disambiguate309268-132, (AN) removed-100024753
Vivian Hamilton Prize Disambiguate309268-133, (AN) removed-100024754
Frances M Ricketts Prize Disambiguate309268-134, (AN) removed-100024755
Mrs Will Gordon Prize Disambiguate309268-135, (AN) removed-100024756
Angela Bull Prize Disambiguate309268-136, (AN) active-100024757
Eleanor M Tilley Exhibition Disambiguate309268-137, (AN) removed-100024758
Percy Carter Buck Fund Disambiguate309268-138, (AN) removed-100024759
Albert SAMMONS Exhibition Disambiguate309268-139, (AN) removed-100024760
Geoffrey And Beatrice Tankard Lieder Prize Disambiguate309268-140, (AN) removed-100024761
Leslie Woodgate Memorial Prize Disambiguate309268-141, (AN) removed-100024762
WALFORD Davies Organ Prize Disambiguate309268-142, (AN) removed-100024763
Michael MUDIE Conducting Prize Disambiguate309268-143, (AN) removed-100024764
Marjorie PHELPS Memorial Fund Disambiguate309268-144, (AN) removed-100024765
Joyce MCGOWN Fund Disambiguate309268-145, (AN) removed-100024766
Cumberland Fund Disambiguate309268-146, (AN) removed-100024767
E M Percival Hart Fund Disambiguate309268-147, (AN) removed-100024768
Winifred Beausire Fund Disambiguate309268-148, (AN) removed-100024769
Rose MORLEY Fund Disambiguate309268-149, (AN) removed-100024770
STANTON Jefferies Prize Disambiguate309268-150, (AN) removed-100024771
Carrodus Scholarships Disambiguate309268-151, (AN) removed-100024772
George Carter Scholarship Disambiguate309268-152, (AN) removed-100024773
Arthur Somervell Memorial Fund Disambiguate309268-153, (AN) removed-100024774
Joy Boughton Memorial Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-154, (AN) removed-100024775
Kathleen Long Chamber Music Prize Disambiguate309268-155, (AN) active-100024776
Dr SALEEBY Prize Disambiguate309268-156, (AN) removed-100024777
Julie LASDUN Award Disambiguate309268-157, (AN) active-100024778
Ida Woolston (Middlesbrough) Scholarship Fund Disambiguate309268-158, (AN) active-100024779
May Bartlett Scholarship Fund Disambiguate309268-159, (AN) removed-100024780
Adelaide Parker Exhibition For Organ Students Disambiguate309268-160, (AN) removed-100024781
Major Van SOMEREN-Godfrey Memorial Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-161, (AN) active-100024782
Margot Hamilton Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-162, (AN) removed-100024783
Dr W H Reed MVO Memorial Fund Disambiguate309268-163, (AN) removed-100024784
Stuart KNUSSON Cello Prize Fund Disambiguate309268-164, (AN) removed-100024785
Cecil Bonvalot Award For Viola Disambiguate309268-165, (AN) removed-100024786
Seymour Whinyates Award Disambiguate309268-166, (AN) removed-100024787
CLYTIE Hine MUNDY Recital Prize Disambiguate309268-167, (AN) removed-100024788
Lofthouse Harpsichord Continuo Prize Disambiguate309268-168, (AN) removed-100024789
Cuthbert Smith Award Disambiguate309268-169, (AN) removed-100024790
Harry Evans Award Disambiguate309268-170, (AN) removed-100024791
Adelaide Leslie BONNAR Scholarship Disambiguate309268-171, (AN) removed-100024792
Evelyn Sayer Scholarship Disambiguate309268-172, (AN) removed-100024793
TREFOR Jones Fund Disambiguate309268-173, (AN) removed-100024794
IVOR James Prize Disambiguate309268-174, (AN) removed-100024795
Edith Mary DYSON Exhibition Disambiguate309268-175, (AN) active-100024796
Geoffrey Tankard Prize For Clarinet Disambiguate309268-176, (AN) removed-100024797
TOPLISS Green Prize Disambiguate309268-177, (AN) active-100024798
Scott Exhibition Disambiguate309268-178, (AN) removed-100024799
Ivy WIGMORE-Hay Award For Performers Disambiguate309268-179, (AN) active-100024800

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Classifications for Charity Number 309268
Children/young People
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