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The Royal National Institute Of Blind People

Charity Number: 226227
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To promote the better education, training, employment and welfare of blind and partially sighted people and generally to watch over and protect the interests of blind and partially sighted people and to prevent blindness.


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The list below contains all names that The Royal National Institute Of Blind People did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 226227
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Royal National Institute Of Blind People Disambiguate226227-0, (AN) active-100055761
RNIB Disambiguateas above, working name-295872
The Royal National Institute Of Blind People Disambiguateas above, working name-295898
The Royal National Institute Of The Blind Disambiguateas above, prev other-295906
Abbey Fund Disambiguate226227-1, (AN) removed-100013771
The Leo ROWE Edwards Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-2, (AN) removed-100013772
The Henrietta Violet Short Bequest Disambiguate226227-3, (AN) removed-100013773
Reverend A T DENCE Endowment Disambiguate226227-4, (AN) removed-100013774
Anthony Cloustin Partridge Endowment Disambiguate226227-5, (AN) removed-100013775
Mrs F Marks Bequest Disambiguate226227-6, (AN) removed-100013776
Jessie Bell AIREY Cot Disambiguate226227-7, (AN) removed-100013777
Miss VAUGHAN Chapman Bequest Disambiguate226227-8, (AN) removed-100013778
Sir Beachcroft TOWSE Memorial Fund Disambiguate226227-9, (AN) active-100013779
The Hornshaw Endowment Disambiguate226227-10, (AN) removed-100013780
Reverend F J HACKETT Endowment Disambiguate226227-11, (AN) removed-100013781
Donald And Rose Alderson Bequest Disambiguate226227-12, (AN) removed-100013782
Harry URMSON Hayes Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-13, (AN) removed-100013783
Miss A V Allpress Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-14, (AN) removed-100013784
Miss E W Allen Bequest Disambiguate226227-15, (AN) removed-100013785
The Nuffield Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-16, (AN) removed-100013786
Mrs Jessie Elizabeth LAING Endowment Disambiguate226227-17, (AN) removed-100013787
James Attfield Bequest Disambiguate226227-18, (AN) removed-100013788
John Wade Bequest Disambiguate226227-19, (AN) removed-100013789
John Henry Howard Davy Trust Disambiguate226227-20, (AN) removed-100013790
Emma Nye Pension Fund Disambiguate226227-21, (AN) active-100013791
H F Bailey Bequest Disambiguate226227-22, (AN) removed-100013792
Rhoda Emma COSSENS Fund For The Blind Disambiguate226227-23, (AN) removed-100013793
The Barker Trust Disambiguate226227-24, (AN) removed-100013794
Mr And Mrs Evan Matthews Bequest Disambiguate226227-25, (AN) removed-100013795
Esther Frances Levy Bequest Disambiguate226227-26, (AN) removed-100013796
Ernest Hallowell Barton Bequest Disambiguate226227-27, (AN) removed-100013797
Mr And Mrs H R Graves Bequest Disambiguate226227-28, (AN) removed-100013798
John Rea Campbell Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-29, (AN) removed-100013799
Betchley Endowment Disambiguate226227-30, (AN) removed-100013800
Sarah Jane Little Bequest Disambiguate226227-31, (AN) removed-100013801
Mary Shaw Bequest Disambiguate226227-32, (AN) removed-100013802
Phare De France Endowment Disambiguate226227-33, (AN) removed-100013803
Blind Social Aid Society Fund Disambiguate226227-34, (AN) removed-100013804
Louis STERNE Endowment Disambiguate226227-35, (AN) removed-100013805
Bundles For Britain Disambiguate226227-36, (AN) removed-100013806
GYDE Charity Endowment Disambiguate226227-37, (AN) removed-100013807
Mrs Frances Marsh Endowment Disambiguate226227-38, (AN) removed-100013808
Mrs G M Rees Endowment Disambiguate226227-39, (AN) removed-100013809
Court Grange Fund Disambiguate226227-40, (AN) removed-100013810
Misses E And S A Snape Bequest Disambiguate226227-41, (AN) removed-100013811
George Cowieson Bequest Disambiguate226227-42, (AN) removed-100013812
Penny And Strode Bequest Disambiguate226227-43, (AN) removed-100013813
Winefred Frances Meredith Dormitory Fund Disambiguate226227-44, (AN) removed-100013814
Fees Endowment Fund Disambiguate226227-45, (AN) removed-100013815
Dancing Times Endowment Disambiguate226227-46, (AN) removed-100013816
Miss A D Spiers Bequest Disambiguate226227-47, (AN) removed-100013817
James Gilbertson Disambiguate226227-48, (AN) removed-100013818
Hatschek Prize Fund Disambiguate226227-49, (AN) removed-100013819
Deaf-Blind Holiday Fund (Proceeds Of Sale Of HOYLAKE Holiday Home) Disambiguate226227-50, (AN) removed-100013820
Charles Dickens Home For Blinded Soldiers And Sailors Disambiguate226227-51, (AN) removed-100013821
Endowment Fund Of The Charles Dickens Home For Blinded Soldiers And Sailors Disambiguate226227-52, (AN) removed-100013822
The Nuffield Endowment Disambiguate226227-53, (AN) removed-100013823
East London Home And School For Blind Endowment Disambiguate226227-54, (AN) removed-100013824
Rose Gay 1858-1931 Bequest Disambiguate226227-55, (AN) removed-100013825
HEXTALL Fund For Blind Law Students Disambiguate226227-56, (AN) removed-100013826
Lewis MAULKIN King Bequest Disambiguate226227-57, (AN) removed-100013827
A R Edwards Gift Disambiguate226227-58, (AN) removed-100013828
Mrs C J Mccarthy Bequest Disambiguate226227-59, (AN) removed-100013829
Lucy Isabel CURNIN And Harry RENNIE CURNIN Bequest Disambiguate226227-60, (AN) removed-100013830
Margaret VOGAN Endowment Disambiguate226227-61, (AN) removed-100013831
Hornshaw Endowment Disambiguate226227-62, (AN) removed-100013832
Eliza And John Frederick Bequest Disambiguate226227-63, (AN) removed-100013833
Mrs A M Smith Bequest Disambiguate226227-64, (AN) removed-100013834
Mr W Goldsmith Woodbridge Endowment Disambiguate226227-65, (AN) removed-100013835
Mrs Eliza SHARPE Disambiguate226227-66, (AN) removed-100013836
William Brown HEXTALL Bequest Disambiguate226227-67, (AN) removed-100013837
William Brown HEXTALL Scholarship Disambiguate226227-68, (AN) removed-100013838
Mac Tier And COWELL Prize Fund Disambiguate226227-69, (AN) removed-100013839
Sunday League Endowment Disambiguate226227-70, (AN) removed-100013840
Minnie TRICKEY For The Deaf-Blind Home Disambiguate226227-71, (AN) removed-100013841
The George NICHOL Charity For The Royal National Institute For The Blind Disambiguate226227-72, (AN) active-100252558
Bristol Blind Fund Disambiguate226227-73, (AN) active-100273055

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