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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Charity Number: 209603
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

3. The object of the institution ("the object") shall be to save lives at sea and on inland and flood waters. In order to achieve the object, the powers of the institution shall without limitation include the following:3.1 to promote safety and provide relief from disaster at sea and on inland and flood waters;3.2 to advance the education of the public in matters relating to safety at sea and on inland and flood waters and in the history and heritage of the institution;3.3 to promote the efficiency of rescue services at sea and on inland and flood waters; and3.4 to relieve and assist those who have been involved in saving lives at sea and on inland and flood waters in any capacity and who are in need of such relief or assistance by reason of poverty, disability, infirmity or otherwise, and the dependents.


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The list below contains all names that The Royal National Lifeboat Institution did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 209603
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution Disambiguate209603-0, (AN) active-100042407
Lifeboats Disambiguateas above, working name-40285
RNLI Disambiguateas above, working name-40287
Royal National Life-Boat Institution For The Preservation Of Life From Shipwreck Disambiguateas above, prev other-40295
Royal National Lifeboat Institution For The Preservation Of Life From Shipwreck Disambiguateas above, prev other-40311
James NEILSON Paterson Disambiguate209603-1, (AN) removed-100005302
REARDON Samaritan Fund Disambiguate209603-2, (AN) removed-100005303
John Jones Rowland Disambiguate209603-3, (AN) active-100005304
John William Archer Disambiguate209603-4, (AN) active-100005305
Bartlett, Boustred, Hooper And Thornton Fund Disambiguate209603-5, (AN) removed-100005306
Charles Carr ASHLEY Disambiguate209603-6, (AN) active-100005307
Isabella Irwin Disambiguate209603-7, (AN) active-100005308
Miss A Charlton ROWSE Gift Disambiguate209603-8, (AN) removed-100005309
Mrs Anna S Stock (Stock Memorial Fund) Disambiguate209603-9, (AN) active-100005310
Mrs Helen Blake Disambiguate209603-10, (AN) removed-100005311
James Michael Bower Gift Disambiguate209603-11, (AN) active-100005312
Mrs Nellie Eva Carlisle Disambiguate209603-12, (AN) removed-100005313
William DUNNETT Disambiguate209603-13, (AN) removed-100005314
James Gowland Disambiguate209603-14, (AN) removed-100005315
Mrs Alice Gottwald Disambiguate209603-15, (AN) active-100005316
Sir Cecil A Cochrane Memorial Fund Disambiguate209603-16, (AN) removed-100005317
Gift Of Mrs N WALSHAW Disambiguate209603-17, (AN) removed-100005318
Ralph Glister Award Disambiguate209603-18, (AN) active-100005319
Louis George Anderson DUNN Disambiguate209603-19, (AN) active-100005320
Mrs Sadie Hughes Disambiguate209603-20, (AN) active-100005321
William Stephen MELLIS Disambiguate209603-21, (AN) active-100005322
Henry Thomas Richardson Disambiguate209603-22, (AN) removed-100005323
Gorleston Lifeboat Fund Disambiguate209603-23, (AN) removed-100005324
Charity Consisting Of The Proceeds Of Sale Of The Elizabeth Simpson Lifeboat Disambiguate209603-24, (AN) removed-100005325
Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat Association Disambiguate209603-25, (AN) active-100005326
Elizabeth Simpson Life Boat Fund Disambiguate209603-26, (AN) removed-100005327
Mr And Mrs W J Heddle Kirkwell Bequest Disambiguate209603-27, (AN) removed-100005328
George WEBSTR Disambiguate209603-28, (AN) removed-100005329
Life-Boatmen's Benevolent Fund Disambiguate209603-29, (AN) active-100005330
Edwin Kay Disambiguate209603-30, (AN) removed-100005331
Arthur VESSEY Machin Disambiguate209603-31, (AN) removed-100005332
William James And HANNAH MATLEY Disambiguate209603-32, (AN) removed-100005333
Langstreth Culliford Trust Disambiguate209603-33, (AN) active-100005334
Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association Disambiguate209603-34, (AN) removed-100005335
WHITBY And Upgang Lifeboat Fund Disambiguate209603-35, (AN) removed-100005336
Miss Maud SMITH'S Reward Disambiguate209603-36, (AN) active-100005337
Edith Harriet Mary WALKE Disambiguate209603-37, (AN) removed-100005338
J W West Fund Disambiguate209603-38, (AN) removed-100005339
Salcombe Life-Boat Disaster Relief Fund Disambiguate209603-39, (AN) active-100005340
Miss Annie Gertrude SHAYLER Disambiguate209603-40, (AN) active-100005341
James Hodgkinson Wainwright Disambiguate209603-41, (AN) removed-100005342
The George NICHOL Charity For The Royal National Lifeboat Institution Disambiguate209603-42, (AN) active-100238685
The George NICHOL Charity For The Royal National Lifeboat Institute Disambiguateas above, prev other-382923
RNLI Heritage Trust Disambiguate209603-43, (AN) removed-100279122
RNLI Heritage Collection Trust 2012 Disambiguate209603-44, (AN) active-100335852
RNLI 2012 Trust Disambiguateas above, working name-547544

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