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The Royal Society Of London For Improving Natural Knowledge (Commonly Known As The Royal Society)

Charity Number: 207043
Entity's Status: Active
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Website for The Royal Society Of London For Improving Natural Knowledge (Commonly Known As The Royal Society)

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This charity has a purpose described as:

For the improvement of natural knowledge


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The list below contains all names that The Royal Society Of London For Improving Natural Knowledge (Commonly Known As The Royal Society) did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 207043
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Royal Society Of London For Improving Natural Knowledge (Commonly Known As The Royal Society) Disambiguate207043-0, (AN) active-100040154
The Royal Society Disambiguateas above, working name-263124
ARUNDEL Library Fund Disambiguate207043-1, (AN) removed-100003597
BRADY Fund Disambiguate207043-2, (AN) removed-100003598
Church Fund Disambiguate207043-3, (AN) removed-100003599
Curl Bequest Disambiguate207043-4, (AN) removed-100003600
Cronian Lecture Disambiguate207043-5, (AN) removed-100003601
Bakerian Lecture Disambiguate207043-6, (AN) removed-100003602
Ferrier Lecture Disambiguate207043-7, (AN) removed-100003603
WILKINS Lecture Disambiguate207043-8, (AN) removed-100003604
Beringer Research Fund Disambiguate207043-9, (AN) removed-100003605
BROWNE Fund Disambiguate207043-10, (AN) removed-100003606
Darwin Fund Disambiguate207043-11, (AN) removed-100003607
Dewrance Donation And JODRELL Disambiguate207043-12, (AN) removed-100003608
BERNAL Fund Disambiguate207043-13, (AN) removed-100003609
Patterson Bequest Disambiguate207043-14, (AN) removed-100003610
Folley's Bequest Disambiguate207043-15, (AN) removed-100003611
Mr And Mrs R L Howe Bequest Disambiguate207043-16, (AN) removed-100003612
BINMORE Kenner Fund Disambiguate207043-17, (AN) removed-100003613
Marshall And ORR Bequest Disambiguate207043-18, (AN) removed-100003614
Wintringham Fund Disambiguate207043-19, (AN) active-100003615
Yarrow Educational Fund Disambiguate207043-20, (AN) removed-100003616
S G Brown Fund Disambiguate207043-21, (AN) removed-100003617
COPLEY Medal Disambiguate207043-22, (AN) removed-100003618
RUMFORD Medal Disambiguate207043-23, (AN) removed-100003619
Davy Medal Disambiguate207043-24, (AN) removed-100003620
Buchanan Medal Disambiguate207043-25, (AN) removed-100003621
Geographical Congress Fund Disambiguate207043-26, (AN) removed-100003622
Fifth International Botanical Congress (Edinburgh) Fund Disambiguate207043-27, (AN) removed-100003623
Napier Fund Disambiguate207043-28, (AN) removed-100003624
CONWAY Fund Disambiguate207043-29, (AN) removed-100003625
Embossed Scientific Books Fund Disambiguate207043-30, (AN) removed-100003626
Federal Council Of Chemistry Fund Disambiguate207043-31, (AN) removed-100003627
Fee Reduction Fund Disambiguate207043-32, (AN) removed-100003628
Keck And R J KNOWLES Memorial Fund Disambiguate207043-33, (AN) removed-100003629
FLOREY Fund Disambiguate207043-34, (AN) removed-100003630
FORSYTH Fund Disambiguate207043-35, (AN) removed-100003631
Foulerton Fund Disambiguate207043-36, (AN) removed-100003632
Foulerton Gift Fund Disambiguate207043-37, (AN) removed-100003633
GASSIOT Fund Disambiguate207043-38, (AN) removed-100003634
General Research Fund Disambiguate207043-39, (AN) removed-100003635
Gore Fund Disambiguate207043-40, (AN) removed-100003636
Yarrow Fund Disambiguate207043-41, (AN) removed-100003637
Bruno Mendel Travelling Fellowship Disambiguate207043-42, (AN) removed-100003638
Horace Le Marquand And Dudley BRIGG Trust Fund Disambiguate207043-43, (AN) active-100003639
Gunning Fund Disambiguate207043-44, (AN) removed-100003640
HANDLEY Fund Disambiguate207043-45, (AN) removed-100003641
Head Fund Disambiguate207043-46, (AN) removed-100003642
JAFFE Fund Disambiguate207043-47, (AN) removed-100003643
E Alan Johnston Fund Disambiguate207043-48, (AN) removed-100003644
Joule Fund Disambiguate207043-49, (AN) removed-100003645
Sylvester Medal Disambiguate207043-50, (AN) removed-100003646
Hughes Medal Disambiguate207043-51, (AN) removed-100003647
Lawrence Fund Disambiguate207043-52, (AN) removed-100003648
LOCKE Fund Disambiguate207043-53, (AN) removed-100003649
Mackinnon Fund Disambiguate207043-54, (AN) removed-100003650
Medical Research Fund Disambiguate207043-55, (AN) removed-100003651
Leeuwenloek Lecture Disambiguate207043-56, (AN) removed-100003652
Mathematical Tables Fund (Including The Cunningham Bequest) Disambiguate207043-57, (AN) removed-100003653
Parsons Memorial Fund Disambiguate207043-58, (AN) removed-100003654
Pension Fund Disambiguate207043-59, (AN) removed-100003655
PETAVEL Fund Disambiguate207043-60, (AN) removed-100003656
MESSEL Fund Disambiguate207043-61, (AN) removed-100003657
MOND Fund Disambiguate207043-62, (AN) removed-100003658
MOSELEY Fund Disambiguate207043-63, (AN) removed-100003659
John Murray Travelling Studentship Fund Disambiguate207043-64, (AN) removed-100003660
The Clifford Paterson Lecture Disambiguate207043-65, (AN) removed-100003661
Pickering Research Fund Disambiguate207043-66, (AN) removed-100003662
Rosenheim Research Fund Disambiguate207043-67, (AN) removed-100003663
Maurice Hill Research Fund Disambiguate207043-68, (AN) removed-100003664
Medal Fund Disambiguate207043-69, (AN) removed-100003665
Pedler Fund Disambiguate207043-70, (AN) removed-100003666
Albert RECKITT Research Fund Disambiguate207043-71, (AN) removed-100003667
ROSSE Fund Disambiguate207043-72, (AN) removed-100003668
Rutherford Memorial Fund Disambiguate207043-73, (AN) removed-100003669
Research Fund Disambiguate207043-74, (AN) removed-100003670
Anonymous Research Funds Disambiguate207043-75, (AN) removed-100003671
Epa Cephalosporin Research Disambiguate207043-76, (AN) removed-100003672
Epa Cephalosporin (1982) Disambiguate207043-77, (AN) removed-100003673
INQUA Disambiguate207043-78, (AN) removed-100003674
Optics Disambiguate207043-79, (AN) removed-100003675
Wellcome Foundation Award Disambiguate207043-80, (AN) removed-100003676
Royal Society General Travel Fund Disambiguate207043-81, (AN) removed-100003677
Royal Society Travel Fund For Non-Fellows Including The L MORDELL Travel Fund Disambiguate207043-82, (AN) removed-100003678
Scientific Radio Fund Disambiguate207043-83, (AN) removed-100003679
Scientific Relief Fund Disambiguate207043-84, (AN) removed-100003680
Scientific Research In School Account Disambiguate207043-85, (AN) active-100003681
Scott Fund Disambiguate207043-86, (AN) removed-100003682
Smithson Fund Disambiguate207043-87, (AN) removed-100003683
SORLEY Fund Disambiguate207043-88, (AN) removed-100003684
Stothert Fund Disambiguate207043-89, (AN) removed-100003685
Simonsen Fund Disambiguate207043-90, (AN) removed-100003686
Stead Fund Disambiguate207043-91, (AN) removed-100003687
Schuster Fund Disambiguate207043-92, (AN) removed-100003688
General Herbert STUDD Fund Disambiguate207043-93, (AN) removed-100003689
Tomes Fund Disambiguate207043-94, (AN) removed-100003690
TYNDALL Fund Disambiguate207043-95, (AN) removed-100003691
Wellcome Research Fund Disambiguate207043-96, (AN) removed-100003692
Warren Research Fund Disambiguate207043-97, (AN) removed-100003693
The Royal Society Life Science Fund Disambiguate207043-98, (AN) active-100306922
The Royal Society Mathematics And Physical Science Fund Disambiguate207043-99, (AN) active-100306923
The Royal Society General Fund Disambiguate207043-100, (AN) active-100306924
The Royal Society International Fund Disambiguate207043-101, (AN) active-100306926
WOLFSON Research Professorship Of The Royal Society Disambiguate207043-102, (AN) active-100034157

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