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The Salvation Army Social Work Trust

Charity Number: 215174
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:


1) relief of poverty sickness suffering distress incapacity or old age. (

2) advancement of education. (

3) training in christian and moral principles. (

4) assistance of those in need of protection.


Please go to the Charity Commission website for the complete official details.


The list below contains all names that The Salvation Army Social Work Trust did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 215174
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
The Salvation Army Social Work Trust Disambiguate215174-0, (AN) active-100047034
The Salvation Army Social Services Disambiguateas above, working name-130958
The Salvation Army Social Work Disambiguateas above, prev other-130972
Teresa Fund Disambiguate215174-1, (AN) active-100008892
Mrs E W M Anderson Bequest Disambiguate215174-2, (AN) active-100008893
James White (Stockton) Disambiguate215174-3, (AN) active-100008894
James White (WSM) Disambiguate215174-4, (AN) active-100008895
Holmes Wright Bequest Disambiguate215174-5, (AN) active-100008896
Anonymous (NAIRN) Disambiguate215174-6, (AN) active-100008897
Isobella Barr Disambiguate215174-7, (AN) active-100008898
William BEATTIE Bequest Disambiguate215174-8, (AN) active-100008899
Marion L Buchanan Bequest Disambiguate215174-9, (AN) removed-100008900
J B Crichton Bequest Disambiguate215174-10, (AN) active-100008901
James BENNETT AITKEN Bequest Disambiguate215174-11, (AN) active-100008902
Henry Broderick Bequest Disambiguate215174-12, (AN) active-100008903
Blackmore Missions Fund Disambiguate215174-13, (AN) active-100008904
Miss E J Buller BROWNE Disambiguate215174-14, (AN) active-100008905
Richard Cory Trust Disambiguate215174-15, (AN) active-100008906
GEHLE Trust Disambiguate215174-16, (AN) active-100008907
George BURRILL Bequest Disambiguate215174-17, (AN) active-100008908
Edwin Dalton Bequest Disambiguate215174-18, (AN) active-100008909
Mary Jane Fowler Bequest Disambiguate215174-19, (AN) active-100008910
W J FREETH Bequest Disambiguate215174-20, (AN) active-100008911
Miss M Falconer Bequest Disambiguate215174-21, (AN) active-100008912
Miss E C D Frazer Bequest Disambiguate215174-22, (AN) active-100008913
Mrs E Kennedy Bequest Disambiguate215174-23, (AN) active-100008914
Alexander King Bequest Disambiguate215174-24, (AN) active-100008915
John Gaunt Bequest Disambiguate215174-25, (AN) active-100008916
John Taylor Grey Bequest Disambiguate215174-26, (AN) active-100008917
Alfred Hartwell Bequest Disambiguate215174-27, (AN) active-100008918
Miss M B Hill Bequest Disambiguate215174-28, (AN) active-100008919
G T HOPKINS Bequest Disambiguate215174-29, (AN) active-100008920
E Cecil Jones Bequest Disambiguate215174-30, (AN) active-100008921
W F C JUDSON Bequest Disambiguate215174-31, (AN) active-100008922
Miss Margaret Large Bequest Disambiguate215174-32, (AN) active-100008923
Mrs G E MARCUS Bequest Disambiguate215174-33, (AN) active-100008924
Mabel Marshall Bequest Disambiguate215174-34, (AN) active-100008925
C J And E J Melbourne Bequest Disambiguate215174-35, (AN) active-100008926
Arthur James Middleton Bequest Disambiguate215174-36, (AN) active-100008927
Mrs Maggie Donald RANKIN Bequest Disambiguate215174-37, (AN) active-100008928
Miss Margaret TULLOCH Bequest Disambiguate215174-38, (AN) active-100008929
Jane P Webster Bequest Disambiguate215174-39, (AN) active-100008930
William Wilson Bequest Disambiguate215174-40, (AN) removed-100008931
Mrs Capel Morris Bequest Disambiguate215174-41, (AN) active-100008932
William Prescott Bequest Disambiguate215174-42, (AN) active-100008933
Mrs Robinson Bequest Disambiguate215174-43, (AN) active-100008934
SARIA SEARE Bequest Disambiguate215174-44, (AN) active-100008935
Miss E E Stephenson Bequest Disambiguate215174-45, (AN) active-100008936
J B STYRING Bequest Disambiguate215174-46, (AN) active-100008937
E A Todd Bequest Disambiguate215174-47, (AN) removed-100008938
Frederick John VARLEY Bequest Disambiguate215174-48, (AN) active-100008939

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