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United Synagogue

Charity Number: 242552
Entity's Status: Active
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This charity has a purpose described as:

To found, build,maintain,conduct,promote and develop within the uk, synagogues which conform to the form of worship for persons of the jewish religion; to advance education and to provide instruction in religious subjects to persons of the jewish religion, in conformity with the form of worship, and to provide means of burial for persons of the jewish religion; the relief of poor persons of the jewish religion; to advance the charitable purposes of other jewish bodies by the making of grants or loans to them including contributing with other jewish bodies to the maintenance of a chief rabbi and of other ecclesiastical persons, and to other communal duties devolving on metropolitan congregations; and any other charitable purposes in connection with the jewish religion


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The list below contains all names that United Synagogue did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 242552
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
United Synagogue Disambiguate242552-0, (AN) active-100069559
Bayswater Synagogue HERMANN ADLER Memorial Fund Disambiguate242552-1, (AN) removed-100019369
New West End Synagogue Humphrey J Phillips Fund Disambiguate242552-2, (AN) removed-100019370
New West End Synagogue Arnold Levy Bequest Disambiguate242552-3, (AN) removed-100019371
Hackney Synagogue ELLIS A Franklin Memorial Fund Disambiguate242552-4, (AN) removed-100019372
Solomon Arnold For Widows Disambiguate242552-5, (AN) removed-100019373
Solomon Arnold For Marriage Portion Disambiguate242552-6, (AN) removed-100019374
Maurice Beddington Disambiguate242552-7, (AN) removed-100019375
The Esther And Elias Benjamin Bequest Disambiguate242552-8, (AN) removed-100019376
Albert Reitlinger For Coals Disambiguate242552-9, (AN) removed-100019377
Albert Reitlinger For Prisoners Disambiguate242552-10, (AN) removed-100019378
HANNAH Benjamin Disambiguate242552-11, (AN) removed-100019379
Isaac Franks Disambiguate242552-12, (AN) removed-100019380
The Beth Hammidrash House Of Learning (Formerly Known As Beth Hamedresh) Disambiguate242552-13, (AN) removed-100019381
BRIXTON Synagogue Benevolent Fund Disambiguate242552-14, (AN) removed-100019382
Levy Salomons Disambiguate242552-15, (AN) removed-100019383
Members' Benevolent Fund Disambiguate242552-16, (AN) removed-100019384
The Benjamin Levi Trust Disambiguate242552-17, (AN) removed-100019385
Isaac Cohen (1846) Disambiguate242552-18, (AN) removed-100019386
Mrs Sarah Cohen Disambiguate242552-19, (AN) removed-100019387
Miss Lucy Cohen Disambiguate242552-20, (AN) removed-100019388
The Louis Cohen Fund Disambiguate242552-21, (AN) removed-100019389
Matilda Cohen Disambiguate242552-22, (AN) removed-100019390
Benjamin Elias Disambiguate242552-23, (AN) removed-100019391
Samuel De FALK'S Charities Disambiguate242552-24, (AN) removed-100019392
M Gollancz Disambiguate242552-25, (AN) removed-100019393
Asher Goldsmid For Clothes Disambiguate242552-26, (AN) removed-100019394
Asher Goldsmid For Coals Disambiguate242552-27, (AN) removed-100019395
Asher Goldsmid For Money Disambiguate242552-28, (AN) removed-100019396
Benjamin ISACC For Teaching Poor JEWS' Children At The Westminster JEWS' Free School, In Greek Street, Soho In The County Of Middlesex Disambiguate242552-29, (AN) removed-100019397
Mrs J Grossman Disambiguate242552-30, (AN) removed-100019398
The Kate Green Fund Disambiguate242552-31, (AN) removed-100019399
Henry Hart Disambiguate242552-32, (AN) removed-100019400
Saul David Harrison Memorial Fund Disambiguate242552-33, (AN) removed-100019401
Mrs J Grossman Disambiguate242552-34, (AN) removed-100019402
The Kate Green Fund Disambiguate242552-35, (AN) removed-100019403
Henry Hart Disambiguate242552-36, (AN) removed-100019404
Mrs Sarah Annie Harrison Disambiguate242552-38, (AN) removed-100019405
Mrs Sarah SOPHIE Henry Disambiguate242552-39, (AN) removed-100019406
The Hampstead Synagogue Disambiguate242552-40, (AN) removed-100019407
The Alexander Jacob Memorial Fund Disambiguate242552-41, (AN) removed-100019408
John JACOBS Disambiguate242552-42, (AN) removed-100019409
NAFTALI Mayer Disambiguate242552-43, (AN) removed-100019410
Sir Moses Montefiore Disambiguate242552-44, (AN) removed-100019411
Abraham Lyon Moses For Coals And Blankets Disambiguate242552-45, (AN) removed-100019412
Benjamin Isaac For Teaching Poor JEWS' Children At The Jews Free School, In Ball Lane, Spitafields, In The County Of Middlesex Disambiguate242552-46, (AN) removed-100019413
Benjamin Isaac For The Relief Of Poor Jews Disambiguate242552-47, (AN) removed-100019414
Esther Israel Disambiguate242552-48, (AN) removed-100019415
Abraham Levy Disambiguate242552-49, (AN) removed-100019416
Jennie WALTERS Fund Disambiguate242552-50, (AN) removed-100019417
Israel ELKIN Disambiguate242552-51, (AN) removed-100019418
The Harry And Millie Lottery Fund Disambiguate242552-52, (AN) removed-100019419
Harvey And GARRY Zimmerman Disambiguate242552-53, (AN) removed-100019420
Edward LOWE'S Coal Fund Disambiguate242552-54, (AN) removed-100019421
Abraham Michel Disambiguate242552-55, (AN) removed-100019422
Jacob Henry Moses Disambiguate242552-56, (AN) removed-100019423
Lawrence MYER Disambiguate242552-57, (AN) removed-100019424
Abraham Lyon Moses No 1 Disambiguate242552-58, (AN) removed-100019425
Abraham Lyon Moses No 2 Disambiguate242552-59, (AN) removed-100019426
Vivian Sylvester Moses Memorial Fund Disambiguate242552-60, (AN) removed-100019427
Mrs ROSETT Oppenheimer Disambiguate242552-61, (AN) removed-100019428
Abraham Solomon's Coal Fund Disambiguate242552-62, (AN) removed-100019429
Hendelah Salomons Disambiguate242552-63, (AN) removed-100019430
Levy Salomons Disambiguate242552-64, (AN) removed-100019431
Catherine Samuel Disambiguate242552-65, (AN) removed-100019432
Catherine Joseph For Clothing Disambiguate242552-66, (AN) removed-100019433
Levy And BILAH Samuel Disambiguate242552-67, (AN) removed-100019434
Moses Samuel Disambiguate242552-68, (AN) removed-100019435
Sarah Solomons Disambiguate242552-69, (AN) removed-100019436
S S Oppenheim Disambiguate242552-70, (AN) removed-100019437
Simeon Oppenheim Disambiguate242552-71, (AN) removed-100019438
The Philip And HANNAH Phillips Silver Wedding Fund Disambiguate242552-72, (AN) removed-100019439
Moses SCHIFF Disambiguate242552-73, (AN) removed-100019440
Lazarus Simon For Clothes Disambiguate242552-74, (AN) removed-100019441
Lazarus Simon For Money Disambiguate242552-75, (AN) removed-100019442
Lazarus Simon For Charitable Purposes Disambiguate242552-76, (AN) removed-100019443
The Emma SYMONS Bequest Disambiguate242552-77, (AN) removed-100019444
Samuel SIMONS Disambiguate242552-78, (AN) removed-100019445
Jacob Solomon Disambiguate242552-79, (AN) removed-100019446
Solomon Abrahams Disambiguate242552-80, (AN) removed-100019447
Catherine Joseph Disambiguate242552-81, (AN) removed-100019448
RAENA E TANCHAN Disambiguate242552-82, (AN) removed-100019449
ELLIS WOLFE'S Mite Towards The Relief Of His Jewish Brethren Disambiguate242552-83, (AN) removed-100019450
Gabriel Benedict Worms Disambiguate242552-84, (AN) removed-100019451
Maurice Benedict Worms Disambiguate242552-85, (AN) removed-100019452

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 242552
Religious Activities
The General Public/mankind
Provides Buildings/facilities/open Space
Provides Services
Acts As An Umbrella Or Resource Body

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