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West Ham Non-Ecclesiastical Charity

Charity Number: 207309
Entity's Status: Active
Data Check: Charity Commission, Company Check
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This charity has a purpose described as:

Almshouses for poor persons of good character who are not less than 60 years of age resident in the area of benefit. For the benefit of the almspeople. Subject thereto the trustees shall apply the income for the general benefit of the poor resident in the area of benefit.


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The list below contains all names that West Ham Non-Ecclesiastical Charity did, or does operate under. Also provided are links to the charity commission website entry.

Names for Charity Number 207309
NameCharity Commission Link, Status - Name Code
West Ham Non-Ecclesiastical Charity Disambiguate207309-0, (AN) active-100040395
West Ham United Non-Ecclesiastical Charities Disambiguateas above, prev other-267169
West Ham United Non-Ecclesiastical Charity Disambiguateas above, prev other-267193
Samuel Shepherd Disambiguate207309-2, (AN) active-100003859
Samuel Sheppard (Will 1732) Disambiguate207309-3, (AN) active-100003860
John Shipman Disambiguate207309-4, (AN) active-100003861
Oliver Skinner Disambiguate207309-5, (AN) active-100003862
John Snelgrave For Poor Disambiguate207309-6, (AN) active-100003863
Thomas SPAIGHT And Henry Store Disambiguate207309-7, (AN) active-100003864
Thomas Staples Disambiguate207309-8, (AN) active-100003865
Lady Margaret Throckmorton Disambiguate207309-9, (AN) active-100003866
Elizabeth Toppesfield Disambiguate207309-10, (AN) active-100003867
William Tudor And Peter Ward Disambiguate207309-11, (AN) active-100003868
Samuel Jones VACHELL Disambiguate207309-12, (AN) active-100003869
Emily Cleypole Disambiguate207309-13, (AN) active-100003870
James Cooper For Almshouses Disambiguate207309-14, (AN) active-100003871
Mary Goldthorp And Elizabeth HOYTE Disambiguate207309-15, (AN) active-100003872
Thomazin Gouge Disambiguate207309-16, (AN) active-100003873
John NEWMAN Disambiguate207309-17, (AN) active-100003874
John Snelgrave For Almspeople Disambiguate207309-18, (AN) active-100003875
Joseph Watts For Almspeople Disambiguate207309-19, (AN) active-100003876
Isabella Wilson Disambiguate207309-20, (AN) active-100003877
The Almshouse Charity Of Roger Harris Disambiguate207309-21, (AN) active-100003878
Jeremiah Atkinson Disambiguate207309-22, (AN) active-100003879
Mary Batthailhey For Poor Disambiguate207309-23, (AN) active-100003880
Peter Bigot Disambiguate207309-24, (AN) active-100003881
Peter Blower Disambiguate207309-25, (AN) active-100003882
Sarah BONNELL For Poor Disambiguate207309-26, (AN) active-100003883
William WINN And Penelope Colchester And Others Disambiguate207309-27, (AN) active-100003884
James Cooper For Poor Disambiguate207309-28, (AN) active-100003885
Sir Richard FENN Disambiguate207309-29, (AN) active-100003886
Sir Thomas Foot Disambiguate207309-30, (AN) active-100003887
Sir Jacob GERRARD Disambiguate207309-31, (AN) active-100003888
Mary Gwilliam Disambiguate207309-32, (AN) active-100003889
Roger Harris (Coal Charity) Disambiguate207309-33, (AN) active-100003890
Margarette HODSHON Disambiguate207309-34, (AN) active-100003891
Sir William Humble Disambiguate207309-35, (AN) active-100003892
Daniel INGOLL Disambiguate207309-36, (AN) active-100003893
Dame Ann Middleton Disambiguate207309-37, (AN) active-100003894
Nathaniel Peckover Disambiguate207309-38, (AN) active-100003895
Clement PRAGELL Disambiguate207309-39, (AN) active-100003896
Robert Rampston Disambiguate207309-40, (AN) active-100003897
Rebecca Robinson Disambiguate207309-41, (AN) active-100003898
William ROOKE Disambiguate207309-42, (AN) active-100003899
ERR0R - Peter Blower Disambiguate207309-46, (AN) removed-100003900

Charity Classification

This charity has been given the following classification(s).

Classifications for Charity Number 207309
Elderly/old PeopleNEWHAM
Provides Buildings/facilities/open SpaceNEWHAM

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